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The content of this page does not exist in Slime Rancher in current versions, but this article is kept for historical purposes.


Starmail SP
This page documents the Prototype Starmail intended to be used in the game but were either changed, or removed entirely.

Welcome to the Far, Far Range

Vacpack terminal upgrades

  • Note: This image uses the Heart Module MK II as an example. Starmail used to also be received when unlocking the Air drive, the Heart Module MK III, the Power core MK II, the Power core MK III, the Tank Booster MK II, and the Tank Booster MK III.

Pre-0.6.0 Casey Starmail

  • This list contains Starmail implemented in Update 0.5.1 up to Update 0.6.0. The Starmail My pet cactus is omitted from this list as it was the only one that was not changed.

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