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The Glass Desert is a fascinating place but you need to be on your guard: at any moment a dangerous solar anomaly can occur that will cause all heck to break loose for a spell.

You'll know when you see it, and when you do, head for cover or risk burning your tuchus!

one of Hobson Twillgers' notes warning Beatrix about the Solar Anomalies.
"Head for cover or risk burning your tuchus!"

Solar Anomalies, also referred to as Firestorms, are random hazardous occurrences in The Glass Desert. Their arrival is indicated beforehand by the air turning orange-red and a drastic change in music, before changing again when fire pillars erupt from the ground.

Fire Pillars

The most immediate threat of a Solar Anomaly are the fire pillars that erupt from the ground. These fire pillars spawn in specific spots, and activate when the player is nearby. When they appear they remain for some time until the firestorm passes. During their duration they can produce a variety of other hazards:

  • Large glints; they hit the ground much faster than Mosaic Slime glint, and like the Mosaic Slime glints when they hit the ground they produce more temporary fire hazards.
  • Large, fiery rocks will be sent flying that can damage the player on contact. They disappear when they hit the ground.
  • Will quite often spawn Fire Slimes already on fire, which damage on contact.

Slimes shot into a fire pillar will produce stars on contact and give them some lift, as well as agitate them.

What To Do

The best thing to do first and foremost is not panic. Although the fire pillars and their hazards are intimidating, they stay in a single spot. So once a firestorm has fully established the pillars are easy enough to avoid. Survivability is also increased significantly with Heart Module upgrades.

When a Solar Anomaly arrives the best thing to do is take shelter. Oasis are the best protection from the fire pillars and rock projectiles spawned in firestorms, as they disintegrate on contact with the shields surrounding the Oasis. If you don't have access to an Oasis, try to keep out of the open ground.



  • 1.1.1 - Firestorm effect should now activate/deactivate more rapidly when teleporting to/from the desert during a firestorm.
  • 0.6.0 - Implemented.


  • Solar Anomalies are the only regularly occurring non-Slime hazard. It is also unique in that it is specific to a certain zone.
  • It is the only hazard that has two music tracks; one played after the other.
  • During the prototype phase of The Glass Desert, the fire pillars and other debris used textures currently in use for the Boom Slime, the debris shot out of the fire pillars were far more frequent and covered a large area, and the Fire Slimes were white. Additionally, no orange fire-like shader was applied to the screen.


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