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Slime Science is a game mechanic that was introduced to the game in the 0.4.0 update. With it, you can create gadgets of various types.

Gadget Creation Guide

To access Slime Science you need to buy the Lab, which costs 10,000Newbucks.png.

To make a gadget, first you might want to buy blueprints from the Builder's Shop if there are some available to buy unless you already own a bunch of them. After that, deposit materials into the Refinery, like plorts and slime science resources. Now check the Fabricator. Using it, you will be able to make gadgets, but you need to have the required amount of materials to make one. Try making the Novice Drill, since you already have a blueprint of it and it's not too expensive to make (10 Pink Plorts, 6 Rock Plorts and 3 Rad Plorts).

Gadget Mode


Now once you go outside, press T. (D-Pad Down on console) This will switch you to the Gadget Mode and allow you to use the Gadget Sites. Within each site, you can place, move and remove gadgets, but you can't use the vacpack while in it. You will see many build sites in different places. Go to one of them, press E, (X on Xbox One and ▢ on PS4) and place whichever gadget that you have in your inventory. Pressing T again will revert you back to Vacpack mode.


"All great scientists have a plan... most of the time."

Blueprints allow you to craft gadgets at the Fabricator. Once you own a blueprint for a specific gadget, you can craft it as many times as you like, provided you have the necessary resources and are not exceeding the build limit.

Blueprints can be obtained from the Builder's Shop, or found in treasure pods found throughout the Far, Far Range. Some of them are hiding in really secret spots!

Blueprints are crucial in making gadgets, as without them you can't make one! Some of them are obtained over time, some are obtained by buying them in the Builder's Shop, and some are only available through opening treasure pods.

When using The Builder's Shop, you'll be able to buy the available blueprints for newbucks. You can also check through it to see the amount of gadgets that are currently in your possession (there are 45+ of them!). Build sites are places where you can place a gadget using the Gadget Mode. There are many of them across the entire Far, Far Range and they are only found in specific places. When there's already a gadget in its place, you can move it or remove it.

The Refinery

"The first step to building fantastic gadgets."

Using advanced technology, the Refinery breaks down plorts and other resources to their molecular level, allowing them to be fabricated into various Slime Science gadgets. Aside from plorts, the bulk of resources you will use in Slime Science will be obtained from extractors.

Be sure to choose what you deposit into the Refinery wisely: any resources you deposit cannot be removed from the refinery, but instead used only for building gadgets.

The Refinery supplies The Fabricator with the needed materials, so be sure to deposit some plorts and resources in it sometimes. If you want, you can also check how many of which material is currently inside the Refinery by using the button that is close to it.

The refinery can currently hold 999 of each resource before it will not accept any more. Attempting to deposit more of a "full" material will result in it "bouncing off" the portal as if it hit a wall.

The Fabricator

"Let's get crafty."

The Fabricator allows you to craft gadgets from a blueprint using the resources you have stored in the Refinery. You can generally build as many gadgets of a specific blueprint as you wish, however some special gadgets have build limits, allowing you to only own a certain number of them at a time.

Using the Fabricator you can make your gadgets if you have enough materials and the required blueprints, and have not exceeded the build limit. You can also see a gadget's information and required materials.


Currently, there are 5 types of gadgets that you can make:


Extractors are a special class of Slime Science gadgets that are essential for building all other types of gadgets. Extractors include drills, pumps and apiaries.
Main article: Extractors


Utilities are a class of Slime Science gadgets that provide useful features to aid you in managing your ranch, as well as exploring the range.
Main article: Utilities


Warp Tech is a class of Slime Science gadgets that allow you to harness the power of instantaneous travel. It includes teleporters that you can use to create shortcuts, as well as gadgets that allow you to transport items.
Main article: Warp Tech


Decorations are a class of Slime Science gadgets that allow you to decorate the world with attractive objects or recreations of natural findings from the environment.
Main article: Decorations


Curios are a class of Slime Science gadgets that while functional, are not necessarily useful. Curios include toys, games, and other gimmicky gadgets that can be a great time with an equally great imagination.
Main article: Curios


  • 1.4.2 - Improve Gadget Mode messaging to better emphasize the ability to rotate gadgets.
  • 1.2.0 - Fixed "Requires" label missing in the Fabricator UI.
  • 1.1.1 - Fixed bug where the Gadget Mode effect was upside down on some systems.
  • 0.5.1 - Echo Nets and Gordo Snares are added into the game.
  • 0.5.0 - Echoes can be captured by Extractors.
  • 0.4.2 - Three new fashion pods were added.
  • 0.4.1 - The Taming Bell and a couple of slime lamps are now obtainable. Fashion Pod gadgets have been added.
  • 0.4.0 - Introduction of Slime Science and 45+ gadgets into the game.


  • Trying to fabricate a Teleporter or Warp Depot when its "Sold Out" at the bottom of the GUI "e.cannot_add_gadget" appears. This could probably be a placeholder until a real message is added.
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