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"It's so wierd!
It's a man-made slime that is made out of a tarr that eats meat and favors any bug meat

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It eats meat. It favors any kind of bug meat

Favorite toy

It dosen't have any.

How do you obtain a Condensed Tarr?

Well,you get one from a tarr in a Stabalisation_pad for 1-2 minutes.Be warned; it only happens 0.05% of the time, and the other 99.95% of the time,the tarr gets duplicated,and the stabalisation pad looses 3 uses,and you have to wait 15-20 minutes playing the game to mess with it more,opposed to only 7-10 minutes playing the game when you are successful.


This slime acts more like a normal slime,now that it has been stabilized,secured,and calmed. It's skin feels rough,like fine sandpaperIt's as big as a largo,and can become a tarrgo with a plort unlike it's own in a stabilisation can easily turn back to a tarr if it's not had any food in 10 IRL minutes.

Rancher risks

It sports a crown of spikes that are as sharp as an obsidian blade that deal 100 dmg every time you touch it.


It's plorts are made of dark matter,wich is the best fuel in the known universe,it's also hard to gather,making it Super can hold only 4 plorts with the storage upgrade ultra.with mkI,1 with mkII, 2, and with mkIII, 3.


It looks like a black/dark grey rock blargo or a big rock slime.


  • If you don't upgrade your health, you can't touch it because you'll 'Get knocked out'.


  • This came to me in a dream before i was on the wiki.

Picture Credit: Rosie the slime


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