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Or at least, its descendant.
— the Slimepedia

Saber Slimes are carnivorous slimes introduced with The Wilds update. They are found exclusively as Largo Slimes. They are the fourth feline-based slime introduced, after the Tabby Slimes, Lucky Slimes, and Hunter Slimes.

Slimepedia Entry

Though believed to be long extinct, the saber slime lives on through the largo slimes in The Wilds. Saber slimes were believed to be one of the fiercest predators during the Jellassic Period of the Far, Far Range, a time when gigantic slimes roamed the planet.

Though saber slimes are carnivores, the largos in The Wilds display a curious habit of bundling the rare kookadoba fruit into bundles of sticks, mud, and slime that become rock-hard in time. Only Ogden's specially engineered kookacrackers are capable of breaking them.

Rancher Risks:
Most saber slime largos found in The Wilds are feral, looking to take a bite out of whatever they see. They're also incredibly agile for slimes, capable of powerful jumps that allow them to bound off other surfaces before targeting their prey.

If you encounter a horde of feral saber slime largos, watch your back so you don't get flanked!

Saber plorts are collected for their historical value, offering a window into the primitive past of the Far, Far Range. Some slime scientists have tried to extract the slime DNA from these plorts in order to recreate a true saber slime, but all have failed. And honestly, that's probably for the better, because as soon as that happens some charming billionaire would be talking about making a whole theme park to view them in captivity and then...


  • Since the Saber Slimes themselves do not have a favorite food, it is recommended to convert regular slimes with an easily produced favored food into Saber Largos, such as Rad Slimes, Phosphor Slimes, or Rock Slimes.
  • Unlike Hunter Largos, which go feral on creation and with high agitation, Saber Largos are only ever feral when they spawn in The Wilds. This, coupled with their identical default plort prices, means that Sabers may be a good alternative to Hunters. However, Hunter plorts have much more use in the creation of Slime Science gadgets.


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  • (Unknown) - Saber Hunter largos now appropriately go invisible when readying a pounce.
  • 1.4.0 - Pure Saber Slimes now exist in the game's code, as part of the game's back-end rework. They do not spawn naturally, and cannot be vacced.
  • 1.1.0 - Implemented. Although their favored food is listed as unknown it favors Stony Hens.
    • 1.1.0b - Saber Slimes no longer favor Stony Hens. A typo in their Slimepedia Entry was also corrected.


Saber Slimes appear to be based off any number of saber-tooth cat species, possibly in particular Smilodon, a well-known but extinct species of carnivore often referred to as the Saber-toothed tiger. The modern Saber Slime appearing exclusively in largo form while their pure slime variants are extinct seems to reference the Saber cat's extinction due to being unable to adapt to changes in the environment, and being succeeded by different species in the same biological family. Its elongated canines and shape of the Saber Slime's mouth heavily resemble that of a walrus. Its Slimepedia Entry, in particular, the "Jellasic Period, a time when gigantic slimes roamed the planet", refers to the real-world Jurassic time period of Earth; one of the most widely known time periods of the ancient age due to the presence - and evidence - of dinosaurs. "Gigantic slimes" refers to the megafauna that was once far more abundant in those times. The Plortonomics section in the Slimepedia Entry directly references Jurassic Park.

The Saber Slime's Secret Style - Pre-jellasic - appears to have a number of design elements from ancient animals. Contrary to its carnivorous diet, its tusks resembles that of the herbivorous mastodon only lacking a snout, or the omnivorous wild boar; both were present during the same time period as smilodon. It may even draw some inspiration from Gamera, a kaiju with similar tusks. Its coloration appears to be based on the common portrayal of dinosaurs, which are often green or brown.


  • The Saber Slime has the most icons of all Slimes in slime rancher-related media, with 6;
    • Its standard in-game sketch icon present in the in-game Slimepedia
    • A near-identical sketch icon with its eyes closed in the slimepedia book by fangamer
    • The slimepedia-style icon present on the cover of the slimepedia book.
    • The in-game secret style sketch icon
    • A standard slimpedia icon not seen in-game, with a matching secret style slimepedia icon showcased in pre-release media prior to Update 1.4.0's release.
  • The Saber Slime's second jump is internally referred to as "PARKOUR".
  • Pink Saber largos are the only largos in the game to not have a favorite food.
  • Certain Saber Hunter Largos spawned in The Wilds will spawn upside down.
  • Mosaic Saber largos are the only Mosaic largos in the game which completely retain the pure Mosaic Slime's coloration.
  • Before their release, the roadmap entry for the Saber Slime stated:
    Though the original saber slimes are long-extinct, their lineage lives on in the feral largos that inhabit the Wilds. But watch out! These primal slimes would like nothing more than to make you their lunch!

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