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{{Infobox food
|image = [[File:Roostro.png|130x115px]]
|imagecaption = <center>''"Struts his stuff like he's king of the coop."''</center>
|occ = {{item|The Dry Reef}} [[The Dry Reef]]<br />
{{item|The Moss Blanket}} [[The Moss Blanket]]<br />
{{item|Quarry2}} [[The Indigo Quarry]]<br />
{{item|TheAncientRuins SP}} [[The Ancient Ruins]]<br />
{{item|Glass Desert Slimepedia icon (temp)}} [[The Glass Desert]]<br />
{{item|TheWildsSP}}[[The Wilds]]
|type = {{item|Meat_Catagory_Transparent}} [[Food|Meat]]
|fav = {{item|Hunter Slime SP}} [[Hunter Slime]]
'''{{PAGENAME}}s''' are the male equivalent to [ Hens] which are necessary for producing Chickadoos of the same type as the Hen. Though they are a fair bit rarer than Hens, they can spawn from any type of Chickadoo.
They have a low chance to turn into [[Elder Roostro]]s after siring a chickadoo.
A [[coop]] is not required for Roostros to breed with Hens, although the process is much more efficient in one, especially when upgraded.
==Slimepedia Entry==
'''''About:'''''<br />
''Roostros are the alpha birds on the Far, Far Range and half of the equation required to breed chickens on the ranch. However, roostros are rarer than any hen making them a great find any time one is discovered.''<br />
''To acquire a roostro, either find one out on the range or breed them on the ranch. Any type of chickadoo has a small chance of growing into a roostro. Some ranchers believe that these odds increase if you greet the Rooster King's crow at sunrise with an enthusiastic 'good morning!''
'''''On [[the Ranch]]:'''''<br />
''All hens in close proximity to roostros will periodically lay eggs that produce chickadoos. However, keeping too many hens or roostros in close proximity makes them anxious and egg production will come to a halt. Savvy ranchers with an understanding of the complex nature of chicken romance always keep their coops from exceeding 12 grown chickens.''
*Due to their rarity, it is not recommended to feed Roosters to Hunter Slimes. Instead, convert Hunter Slimes to a [[Largo Slimes|Largo]] with a favored [[Food|Fruit or Veg]] that is easier to grow instead.
*Although Roostros spawn occasionally from Chickadoos, a Roostro is not guaranteed to produce another Roostro in its "lifetime", so you should always keep some spare in a [[Silo]].
*It's recommended that you have at least 2-3 Roostros in your [[Coop]]s. Since if they [[Elder Roostro|become old]], the hens will stop making eggs, but having many reduces this chance since you only need at least one Roostro.
**Having too many Roostros count towards the limit that coops can handle, so having few Roostros makes it so that you can maximize your "hen production".
RoostroIngame.png|A Roostro as seen in-game.
RoostroHigh.gif|In-game render of some Roostros (High Model quality)
RoostroLow.gif|Ditto (Low Model quality)

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