Rayvians are decorative bird-like creatures found in The Overgrowth and several areas of The Moss Blanket. Ravians appear with a colouration of purple, yellow, orange and light blue, and fly in a random flight pattern. When in The Overgrowth, they continuously fly around The Overgrowth's central platform. They spawn when The Overgrowth and several designated spawning locations in The Moss Blanket are loaded, and begin to fade after anywhere from ~5-15 seconds. The only way to respawn them is to unload and reload the area. Ravians cannot be interacted with and do not serve any apparent purpose, solely existing as non-interactive environmental decoration.


Pictured here are several Ravians gliding in a seemingly random pattern of motion that does not adhere to any known avian flight pattern.

Ravians were added to the game in update 0.3.5, and went unnamed until a tweet from Monomi Park.[1]

  1. ↑ Monomi Park responds to a user on Twitter asking about the bird-like creatures in the Overgrowth.
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