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A swift, sterling shimmer of static slime. (repeat)
— the Slimepedia

Quicksilver Slimes are a species of slime that inhabit the Nimble Valley. It was introduced in the Mochi's Megabucks Update[1]

Quicksilver Slimes cannot be stored in the vacpack, and cannot be kept in a Corral; instead their plorts are earned through the Nimble Valley activity. Their plorts also cannot be stored in the regular vacpack; they can only be stored in the Augmented Vacpack which is automatically equipped at Mochi's Manor. They also cannot be lost unless thrown into The Slime Sea, as any produced by Quicksilver Slimes during the activity or discarded is automatically transported back to the Augmented Vacpack. Plorts produced when the inventory is full will not teleport however, and are subject to despawning like other plorts. They also cannot be sold on the Plort Market, they instead can only be traded to Mochi Miles at her manor, earning 200 Newbucks.png for every 10 Quicksilver Plorts, effectively earning 20Newbucks.png per plort.

Slimepedia Entry

Quicksilver slimes are among the rarest slimes on the Far, Far Range, thanks in large part to their only known habitat being owned exclusively by Mochi Miles.

Quicksilver slimes are lightning quick, and feed on electricity. This is generally accomplished by their moving really fast and slowly accumulating the static charge they generate. However, Mochi has decided to speed up the process and created a method for feeding them energy in a far more direct fashion.

Rancher Risks:
Quicksilver slimes are not normally harmful to a rancher as the static they generate has a low current.

However, Mochi's method of feeding them a great deal of electricity at once makes quicksilver slimes overcharged with a current high enough to be harmful if touched. So be careful when firing those spark shots as a mob of well-fed quicksilvers could leave you zapped!

Mochi sells quicksilver plorts off-market and little is known about her buyers or their motives.


  • 1.2.1 - You got a raise! Mochi will now pay you 200 newbucks for every 10 quicksilver plorts you deliver.
    • Fixed a bug where very sneaky ranchers were able to sneak quicksilver plorts off of the Valley using a sneaky arrangement of warp depots and silos.
    • Fixed some quicksilver slime sounds so they now sound like quicksilver slimes.
  • 1.2.0 - Implemented.
  • 1.1.2 - The Slime and the Plort are no longer vaccable, and now it was able to be fed with the upcoming Valley items; also still in the prototype stage. Shooting a Valley AOE and a Valley Small item would result in the slime dropping a plort, although the Valley Slow did not. It could be fed every two in-game hours.
  • 1.1.0 - A prototype version of the Quicksilver Slime was added into the game's files. It used the Fire Slime model as a placeholder, and its plorts used the Tabby Plort model. It moved around faster than the other slimes, and it wasn't able to be fed anything.


The Quicksilver Slimes may be based on Mercury - also known as quicksilver - an extremely toxic silver metal that is capable of conducting electricity, and is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature. Their name may also be a pun on both the slime's speed and its silver appearance. The antennae on their head may be a nod to the Marvel hero Quicksilver who not only uses a similar pun but has also been portrayed with two strands of hair pointed back in a similar fashion. Their overall shape resembles manta rays or skates. The slime's concept, particularly the fact that it feeds on electricity and becomes overcharged when doing so, may also be based on the Quicksilver from Spiral Knights.

The Boomerang Secret Style is based on Quick Man from the Mega Man franchise, whose special weapon is the Quick Boomerang. The Boomerang style's reference to the Time Stopper on the Steam page for the Secret Style Pack alludes to Quick Man's weakness in Mega Man 2.


  • Prior to release, the roadmap for the Quicksilver Slime stated: Why doesn't the rest of the world know about Quicksilver Slimes? Why are they ONLY located in the Miles-owned Nimble Valley? I'm sure it's just a coincidence.
  • Quicksilvers can be eaten by Tarr. However because of the lack of other slimes in Nimble Valley, and Quicksilvers being unable to be found outside of Nimble Valley, this does not occur during normal gameplay.
  • Unlike the Gold Slime and Lucky Slime - two other slimes that are small enough to fit in the vacpack but cannot be stored in it - the Slimepedia does not state why they cannot be captured in the Vacpack.
  • Quicksilver Slimes are the only slime that do not have their Hunger reduced in any form when producing plorts since the electrical charges only trigger their charged state. For this same reason, they are the only slime that cannot have their agitation reduced by any means.


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