Pink Slimes are the most common slimes found in Slime Rancher and are among the first Beatrix will encounter. They are easily identified by their pink coloration, and can spawn in practically any location outside of The Ranch - with the exception of Nimble Valley and The Wilds - at any time of the day.

Their most notable trait unique to them is that they can eat all foods from the three main food types; Fruit, Meat, and Veggies; this makes them the easiest Slime to the ranch in the game. As a tradeoff, they do not have a favorite food unless converted to a Largo Slime (with the exception of the Pink Saber Largo), and their Plorts are of the lowest monetary value. Their Plorts however are frequently used in larger amounts in Slime Science, making them valuable resources for creating gadgets.

Slimepedia Entry

Pink Slimes are the most common slime found on the Far, Far Range. They're cheerful, docile, and the easiest of all slimes to ranch. A pink slime will eat anything you put in front of it, though they have no favorite food, and their plorts are the least valuable of all slimes.

Rancher Risks:
Not much to worry about with a pink slime. They're soft, squishy, very happy to be around a rancher, and found all over the Range.

But because of this, a rancher won't go far without finding a few pink plorts, which can lead to largos, and then...

Pink Plorts are an excellent "multi purpose generic substance" used to manufacture everything from food products to household cleaners. All over the Earth, people are eating burgers, sweetening their coffees, or scrubbing their floors with pink plort products. That's some serious versatility!


  • If a large number of regular Pink Slimes are kept in a Corral they will naturally form a totem. Having the High Walls, Air Net corral and the Music Box upgrades will help counter this to some extent, but it's recommended not to keep too many and to turn them into Largos instead for Plort variety, especially early in the game.
  • Because Pink Slimes can eat all foods, any difficult-to-feed Slimes such as Tabby Slimes can be converted to Pink Largos to compensate.
    • However, unless feeding Pink Largos favorite foods for Slime Science it may be more financially viable to convert them to Largos with a higher value Plort and a favorite food instead, such as a Phosphor Largo.
  • Despite being abundant and being of low monetary value, Pink Plorts are used in almost all Slime Science gadgets, making them a valuable resource once The Lab is unlocked.
  • Feeding them with 10 different types of food to unlocks the Omnivorous achievement.


  • Before 0.2.0 - Added.


  • Considering the Pink Slime's Slimepedia tagline - "Their coral hue is scientifically proven to be the color of cheer." - and abundantly spawning from a coral object in The Dry Reef just outside The Ranch gates, Pink Slimes may draw some inspiration from Precious coral, an endangered species of coral that comes in red or pink hues which historically has been used for jewellery. However since they spawn independently of the coral object, they may even be based on the Polyps that construct corals. The Pink Slime's unique omnivorous diet and its simplistic pink design may be a reference to Nintendo's Kirby.
  • The Pink Slime's plortonomics description may be a reference to Spore's Pink Spice, as both Slime Rancher's pink plorts and Spore's pink spice are described to be used as sweeteners and floor cleaning products.
  • Pink Gordos will always appear on Master Gordo Snares baited with food that is not favored by other slimes.
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