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Party Gordo SP.png
Party Gordo SP.png
This page is not meant to show the current location of the party gordo.
For the current location of the party gordo, click here.

Party Gordo SP.png

This page serves to document and archive the Party Weekend locations for all of 2020.

Party Gordo locations

Date & Biome In-game Map Common ornaments available
Week 85:
January 3 2020 to January 5 2020

The Moss Blanket
PartyWeekendGordo85.png PartyWeekendGordo85Map.png IconOrnament7Zee.png
7Zee Ornament
Victory Ornament
Week 86:
January 10 2020 to January 12 2020

The Wilds
PartyWeekendGordo86.png NotApplicable.png IconOrnamentSaber.png
Saber Ornament
Purple Stripey Ornament
Week 87:
January 17 2020 to January 19 2020

The Moss Blanket
PartyWeekendGordo87.png PartyWeekendGordo87Map.png IconOrnamentBoom.png
Boom Ornament
Tabby Ornament
Week 88:
January 24 2020 to January 26 2020

Ash Isle
PartyWeekendGordo88.png PartyWeekendGordo88Map.png IconOrnamentStripesTeal.png
Teal Stripey Ornament
Hunter Ornament
Week 89:
January 31 2020 to February 2 2020

The Ancient Ruins
PartyWeekendGordo89.png PartyWeekendGordo89Map.png IconOrnamentTangle.png
Tangle Ornament
Painted Ornament
Week 90:
February 7 2020 to February 9 2020

The Glass Desert
PartyWeekendGordo90.png PartyWeekendGordo90Map.png IconOrnamentGlitch.png
Glitch Ornament
Phosphor Ornament
Week 91:
February 14 2020 to February 16 2020

The Slime Sea; behind The Grotto
PartyWeekendGordo91.png PartyWeekendGordo91Map.png IconOrnamentHeart.png
Lovely Ornament
Cloudy Ornament
Week 92:
February 21 2020 to February 23 2020

The Glass Desert
PartyWeekendGordo92.png PartyWeekendGordo92Map.png IconOrnamentImposter.png
Pink? Ornament
Pink Ornament
Week 93:
February 28 2020 to March 1 2020

The Dry Reef
PartyWeekendGordo93.png PartyWeekendGordo93Map.png IconOrnamentStar.png
Starry Ornament
Boom Ornament
Week 94:
March 6 2020 to March 8 2020

The Ancient Ruins
PartyWeekendGordo94.png PartyWeekendGordo94Map.png IconOrnamentDrone.png
Drone Ornament
Elder Hen Ornament
Week 95:
March 13 2020 to March 15 2020

The Moss Blanket
PartyWeekendGordo95.png PartyWeekendGordo95Map.png IconOrnamentClover.png
Clover Ornament
Green Stripey Ornament
Week 96:
March 20 2020 to March 22 2020

The Indigo Quarry
PartyWeekendGordo96.png PartyWeekendGordo96Map.png IconOrnamentWildflower.png
Wildflower Ornament
Dervish Ornament
Week 97:
March 27 2020 to March 29 2020

Crystal Volcano
PartyWeekendGordo97.png PartyWeekendGordo97Map.png IconOrnamentQuantum.png
Quantum Ornament
Rad Ornament
Week 98:
April 3 2020 to April 5 2020

The Ancient Ruins Courtyard
PartyWeekendGordo98.png PartyWeekendGordo98Map.png IconOrnamentHenHen.png
Hen Hen Ornament
Stego Ornament
Week 99:
April 10 2020 to April 12 2020

Moustache Island
PartyWeekendGordo99.png PartyWeekendGordo99Map.png
Note: this map shows the location of the teleporter to the island.
Crystal Ornament
Mosaic Ornament
Week 100:
April 17 2020 to April 19 2020

The Dry Reef
(Ring Island)
PartyWeekendGordo100.png PartyWeekendGordo100Map.png IconOrnamentStripesPink.png
Pink Stripey Ornament
Puddle Ornament
Week 101:
April 26 2020 to April 28 2020

The Indigo Quarry
PartyWeekendGordo101.png PartyWeekendGordo101Map.png
Click here for exact cave entrance location
7Zee Ornament
Victory Ornament
Week 102:
May 1 2020 to May 3 2020

The Glass Desert
PartyWeekendGordo102.png PartyWeekendGordo102Map.png IconOrnamentDucky.png
Ducky Ornament
Puddle Ornament
Week 103:
May 8 2020 to May 10 2020

The Dry Reef
PartyWeekendGordo103.png PartyWeekendGordo103Map.png
Newbuck Ornament
Handlebar Ornament
Week 104:
May 15 2020 to May 17 2020

The Glass Desert
PartyWeekendGordo104.png PartyWeekendGordo104Map.png
Red Stripey Ornament
Starry Ornament
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