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The Party Weekend is an ongoing event which was introduced during the Party Gordo Update, and runs every weekend from Friday all through to Sunday, local time. The event features new Ornaments, with different ornaments dropping from week to week.



Throughout the Far, Far Range, the Party Gordo will appear in a specific spot for all players once every weekend which requires 10 of any food item to burst. When burst, it drops four Pink Slimes that don the Party Gordo glasses and hat, one rare ornament and eight party crates which exclusively drop ornaments, totaling 9 ornaments from the gordo. It does not appear again until the next weekend.

While the event is active, Crates have a 50% chance to be a party crate instead until the event ends for that week. Any Party crates left over from a weekend will only drop Pink Ornaments, or a Rare.

Party Gordo Locations

Recent location

Note: Common ornaments have a 5% chance to be a rare Ornament instead; Lucky, Tarr, Gold, Rainbow or Party Gordo Ornament. Party Gordos will always drop a rare when burst.
  • This section needs updating every Friday, or whenever there is a special out-of-weekend Gordo.
  • A full list of every possible location and their ornaments may be found in this blog, which may be used to update this table.
Date & Zone In-game Map Common ornaments available
January 21 2022 to January 23 2022

The Moss Blanket
PartyWeekendGordoLocation16.png PartyWeekendGordoLocation16Map.png IconOrnamentBoom.png
Boom Ornament
Tabby Ornament


  • This is the second time-specific event introduced to the game, after Wiggly Wonderland.
  • This is the longest event in the game to date.
    • 30 locations are detailed in the game's code, however, only 29 are used by Party Gordos. 1 location is unused. That location is labelled as "DEBUG" instead of having a number assigned to it.
  • Party Crates can remain after a Party Weekend event; finding and opening a party crate on a date outside of party weekend will always yield a Pink Ornament or a Rare Ornament.
  • A Halloween-themed Party Gordo event ran from October 30th 2019 to November 1st 2019, and a standard Party Weekend event immediately followed from November 1st 2019 to November 3rd 2019, making November 1st 2019 currently the only date to have overlapping Party Gordos and Ornaments; having two Party Gordos active at their respective locations, and three different standard ornaments available alongside the usual 5% rare ornament drop on this date.
    • This happened again when an out-of-Weekend Party Gordo was added for the December 31st 2020 to January 1st 2021. Since January 1st landed on a Friday, two overlapping Party Gordos occured on that date.
  • On the release of the Plortable Edition of Slime Rancher, the platform lacked the 2021 Party Weekend schedule. This was soon changed, and the first Party Gordo to formally appear without changing the clock back to 2020 and before was September 17th, 2021.
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