Ogden Ortiz is an NPC found on the Range Exchange.

Ogden "fancies himself as a farmer" and seems to be more interested in growing the native Fruits and Veggies found in the Far, Far Range than collecting Plorts.

He mentions the 'gilded ginger,' which could be a possible method of getting two plorts from a gold slime or taming it. This feature has not yet been implemented, and it is unknown whether will be, or if it's just a legend. It's up to you to decide what you believe.



Ogden's previous profile pic

Hiya Beatrix!
Ogden Ortiz

The name's Ogden Ortiz. I’m a slime rancher much like yourself but I mostly fancy myself as a farmer. I came to the Far, Far Range to grow fruits and veggies the way we used to back on earth: by getting down into the soil and getting your hands dirty.

Did you know that the carrots improve your night vision? Yeah, seriously, they do! I don’t see why all ranchers aren’t just gobbling them down every chance they get. Being lost out on the range at night can be so dangerous.

Well don’t let me ramble on ya here. We’ll be in touch via the Range Exchange. I tend to only raise slimes that eat fruits and veggies, so expect those kind of requests from me.

Lookin forward to doing business with ya! O.O.

P.S. – Ever hear of gilded ginger? It’s a mythical veggie that is said to be the favorite food of the equally mythical gold slime. But some say that neither of them actually exist!

Range Exchange

Eating carrots help you see in the dark!

I'm in a real pickle here!

I'm working on a new recipe. Help me out?

Ogden's Party Punch: 1 part pogofruit juice, 1 parts prickle pear juice, 2 parts starfire rum. Gets you dancing!

Sometimes I like to take a nap in the Moss Blanket. But those darn boom slimes always wake me up!

The best part of an orange is the peel. but the inside's pretty good too

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