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'''Ogden Ortiz''' is an [[NPCs|NPC]] currently only found on the [[Range Exchange]] and through the custom Range Exchange at [[Ogden's Retreat]]. He is the fourth NPC to send [[Beatrix LeBeau|Beatrix]] StarMail, and the third Range Exchange NPC. He introduces himself at the earliest at noon on Day 4.
Once [[The Overgrowth]] ranch expansion has been purchased and [[The Moss Blanket]] has been unlocked, completing a range exchange trade with Ogden will prompt him to contact [[Beatrix LeBeau|Beatrix]] via [[Starmail]] inviting her to his estate, [[Ogden's Retreat]].
Little is known about Ogden, though he used to be the CEO of a major insta-food conglomerate which would make food that was full of chemicals and preservatives which in turn would make people on Earth ill in the name of profit. He attempted to sabotage the company in protest, but was unsuccessful and was ousted. He traveled to the [[Far, Far Range]] to grow his own crops naturally. Because of this habit, he tends to only raise Slimes that eat fruits and veggies.
He is keenly interested in [[Kookadoba]], a fruit native to [[The Wilds]].
A few of his Range Exchange dialogues suggests that he may also be proficient in preparing and creating the food he grows and requests from the Range Exchange, rather than just growing them. This is shown to some degree by the [[Spicy Tofu]] he trades in exchange for [[Kookadoba]].
File:TheWildsOgden.png|Ogden artwork from [|The Wild Update preview on Steam]
File:Ogden.png|Ogden's mugshot prior to Update 0.3.0.
File:StarmailOgdenWelcome.png|Ogden's introductory StarMail
File:Ogden_Ortiz.jpg|Ogden's full body view on a GD conference card.
File:ogdenfull.png|Full body image of Ogden.
File:ogdenbeg.png|Ogden begging.
File:ogdenexcited.png|Ogden being excited.
File:ogdendetermination.png|Ogden determined.
File:ogdenregret.png|Ogden regretting.
File:ogdenbusy.png|Ogden being busy.
*Ogden claims that carrots help you see in the dark. The source of this claim is due to the fact that carrots are a source of vitamin A which is required for your body to synthesize rhodopsin, which is the pigment in your eyes that operate in low-light conditions but does not allow you to see in complete darkness.
*Ogden first mentioned [[Gilded Ginger]] long before any indication that it was going to be released. He has also mentioned Starfire rum, and Starfire of any description is currently not in the game.
*[[Nick Popovich]]'s profile picture on [ his Twitter] was, for a while, a picture of Ogden Ortiz.
*''Ogden'' derives from the Old English words "ac" and "denu", which mean oak and valley, respectively. ''Ortiz'' is a Basque surname which is common in Spain, especially in the Basque Country.
**This may mean his heritage is a combination of English, Basque and Spanish.

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