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This page contains dialogue for Ogden Ortiz
The content below is copied verbatim from Slime Rancher.
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Range Exchange

  • Eating carrots help you see in the dark!
  • I'm in a real pickle here!
  • I'm working on a new recipe. Help me out?
  • Ogden's Party Punch: 1 part pogofruit juice, 1 part prickle pear juice, 2 parts starfire rum.
    Gets you dancing!
  • Sometimes I like to take a nap in the Moss Blanket.
    But those darn Boom Slimes always wake me up!
  • The best part of an orange is the peel, but the inside's pretty good too.

Odgen's Retreat

First visit

  • Hiya, Beatrix! Thanks for coming down to my Retreat and hearing me out on my offer. So, let's get right down to business!
  • I built this place years ago as a little vacation spot for myself. Later on I realized that it neighbors a cluster of islands filled with primitive saber slimes!
  • I called these islands The Wilds, and after exploring them they revealed their true secret; the rare kookadoba fruit!
  • What's a kookadoba? Why it's only the most delectable, irresistable fruit in the known universe! Well, MOST people say it tastes like rotten cheese but they're wrong!
  • Anyway, I soon became obsessed with kookadobas, but I found myself quickly becoming too old and too slow to deal with the risk.
  • You see, The Wilds are home to hordes of feral slimes, the descendants of the ancient saber slimes that once hunted these lands. Collecting kookadobas is dangerous.
  • And that's where you come in! I'll happily reward you for collecting those sweet, sweet kookadobas for me. Just deposit them into this custom range exchange here and we're in business!
  • Collect enough of them for me and I'll start by giving you my secret miracle mix for your gardens! I'll also reward you with a block of my special spicy tofu for every 3 kookadobas.
  • I've activated the teleporter to The Wilds here at the Retreat and it's now yours to explore as you see fit. Just know that the warp network there is a little buggy...
  • You won't always arrive at the same place and you'll have to find a working teleporter to make your way back. It's buggy, I know. Just be prepared!

Until the first trade is completed

  • Head in to The Wilds and get those kookadoba fruits! Just be careful; there're lots of feral saber slimes roaming every inch of those islands.
  • Oh, and one more thing! Saber slimes have an odd habit of bundling up kookadoba into mudballs that harden up like stone. The only way to break them open is with something I designed called a kookacracker!
  • You'll find them scattered across The Wilds; can't miss them! Just shoot a mudball into them and collect those sweet... delicious- my mouth is watering just thinking about them! Go, go, go!

Completing the first trade

  • Thanks so much for all those kookadobas! You're off to a great start. The miracle mix I developed for my own crops is now available in your garden upgrades.
  • Miracle mix prevents fruits and veggies from rotting. And don't worry, I make it with all-natural materials; good, healthy stuff.
  • But I didn't always think this way. I used to run a huge company on Earth that made insta-food: quick, cheap meals made of nothing but chemicals and preservatives.
  • We made billions, but we weren't making real food. Instead, our 'food engineers' worked to 'design products.' It wasn't right...
  • So I came to the Far, Far Range to grow my own wholesome food with my own two hands. I wanted to leave my life on Earth behind.
  • But enough about that, on to more kookadobas! If you get me a bunch more I'll give you the specs for a deluxe upgrade for your gardens!
  • Get to it, Beatrix! I've got a new recipe here and I need loads of kookadoba to get it juuuust right!

Until the second trade is complete

  • Head back into The Wilds and collect those kookadobas! I'll reward you with a deluxe upgrade for your gardens if you get me enough!

Completing the second trade

  • You did it! I can try out my new recipe with all these delicious kookadobas!
  • I really love to cook, it calms me down and lets me focus on making something nutritious for body and soul.
  • It's funny, food only became a true passion for me after leaving my insta-food company.
  • To be honest, I didn't leave. I was ousted by the board of directors because I tried to sabotage the company. I wanted to see it fall.
  • We were making people sick, Beatrix. The 'food' we sold was garbage and we knew it. It was all about the money. I wanted it all to go away.
  • But it had become too big. I couldn't stand up against it so I was gone. I got my ticket to the Far, Far Range soon thereafter.
  • And so here we are! Listening to me carry on about the past instead of focusing on those kookadobas! Let's get back on track.
  • Get me another load of kookadobas and I'll be so grateful that I'll give you the keys to my Retreat! That's right, it'll all be yours to keep.
  • Good luck out there!

Until the third trade is complete

  • Get me this last load of kookadobas and this retreat is yours to keep! Good luck!

Completing the third trade

  • Oh my! Oh dear! That's so many kookadobas!
  • I can taste it now: hearty kookadoba and parsnip pie, sweet kookadoba jam for years... oh! Kookadoba omlettes with painted hen eggs!
  • You've given me such a gift here, Beatrix. I'm so grateful. Ogden's Retreat is now yours to use as you see fit.
  • But you know... if you wanted to keep exploring The Wilds and giving me kookadobas I'd be happy to pay you in tofu.
  • So thanks again Beatrix! It was great working with you and getting a chance to talk to someone.
  • Life on the range is wonderful, but it can get a little lonely out here when it's just you and the memories you can't let go...
  • So it's good to have someone who's there for you, even if they just listen every now and again.
  • Thanks for listening Beatrix. Now let's get back to work!

After having completed all of the trades

  • The Retreat is yours but I'll be happy to give you a block of my special spicy tofu for every 3 kookadobas you harvest from The Wilds. Be careful!
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