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The content below is copied verbatim from Slime Rancher.

Range Exchange

  • I need these plorts post-haste, whatever that means.
  • Let's make a trade, lemonade.
  • I promise you this is a good deal, banana peel.
  • My ranching skills are gonna make you squirm, wiggle worm!
  • My toast is in a jam here! Help out a pal, yeah?
  • The last thing I want to do is make you look bad. But it's still on the list.

Mochi's Manor

First visit

  • So, you finally decided to show up... Since we're already running short on time, I'll get right to it.
  • You're standing in one of my many estates at the edge of the Nimble Valley, which is the only known home to the very rare quicksilver slimes.
  • And everything you see here is MY property, which means that I alone profit from all the quicksilver plorts that the Nimble Valley produces. Brilliant, I know.
  • Harvesting quicksilver plorts is very difficult and only highly-skilled, pro ranchers like myself can manage it.
  • But I'm EXTREMELY busy, since I've got a ranch to manage and a ton of the Miles Tech business back on Earth to run.
  • So I need you to get in there and do it for me. Naturally, you'll be compensated. We want you to be a happy little worker bee after all.
  • Now pay attention because I don't like to repeat myself: first, you'll notice I've augmented that junker of a vacpack you have with some cutting edge Miles Tech. This never leaves the valley so don't get excited.
  • This augment will activate using patented Miles Tech any time you try to enter the Nimble Valley. It'll swap out your vac tanks too, but don't worry, you don't lose the junk you had in there.
  • Next, take the teleporter to the Nimble Valley and get to work collecting quicksilver plorts. I'll explain things once you get there but let me give you a quick rundown...
  • The quicksilver slimes in the Nimble Valley lie dormant until you activate the generator to send out a pulse and get them moving. But this generator only works for so long and then needs to recharge.
  • Quicksilver slimes eat electricity, and since they're super fast the only way to get it to them is to blast them with a tasty, spark shot from your vacpack.
  • But don't worry about actually collecting the plorts. I've got the valley rigged with Miles Tech that will collect them for you.
  • After the generator shuts down, head back and deposit the quicksilver plorts here and I'll be sure you get paid.
  • Money talks, so for every 10 quicksilver plorts you deposit, I'll give you a cut of the profits. Collect enough of them for me, and I'll give you an even bigger reward.
  • We'll start with what I call "Mochi's Extra Mile," which is my sometimes giving you the inside scoop on a more lucrative plort price. Just don't count on it all the time. We're not friends.
  • Now get out there and collect some quicksilver plorts for me. And if you're feeling like you really know how to shake it, try the other teleporter to an even trickier part of the valley.
  • ...or don't, because you know it would be hopeless. Later, tater.

Until the first trade is completed

  • Do I really need to repeat myself? Take the teleporter to the Nimble Valley and start blasting some quicksilver slimes with electric charges.
  • Once the generator shuts down, go do whatever it is you do until it's recharged. Then come back and get cracking.
  • I mean, I don't NEED you to do this. I could easily do it myself but...
  • Just go do it. You want to get paid don't you?

After the first trade is complete

  • Well heck, I didn't think you'd actually manage to collect enough plorts to get the first reward. But a deal is a deal.
  • You're now one of the only people in the entire universe to be getting the inside track in plort sales. I call it "Mochi's Extra Mile."
  • My extra mile will give you DOUBLE newbucks for plort deposits at the market. But don't get too excited. It won't happen all the time. I'm not that generous.
  • See, that's the thing, Beatrix: you have got to learn to fend for yourself out here. Once you're on the Far, Far Range, no one back home can help you out, even if they wanted to...
  • least that's what I think. That's got to be the reason no one ever answers. I mean, it's just so far away, right?
  • Well, who asked you anyway? Don't you understand how busy my dad is running one of the biggest tech companies in the entire galaxy? What do you know, anyway!?
  • Enough of that. Let's get back to why you're here: to work. Here's the deal: keep collecting those quicksilver plorts and I'll keep paying you.
  • And if you collect enough, the next reward I'll give you will be my secret tech for maximizing chicken production: the Deluxe Coop.
  • So get to work.

Until the second trade is completed

  • Why are we sitting here talking when you could be collecting quicksilver plorts? Do it and I'll reward you with a Deluxe Coop upgrade for that dump you call a ranch.
  • Get to work.

Second trade is completed

  • What the- You collected how many? Well then, I suppose the Deluxe Coop is now available to you.
  • I would say good luck managing all those chickens, but honestly, you... seem to know how to handle yourself.
  • You know, sometimes I feel like this whole planet is a coop. Just a pen to keep people far away.
  • Sometimes I feel like my dad didn't send me out here for a "special assignment" at all.
  • Sometimes... sometimes I feel like I was sent here to stay out of his way.
  • Just a chicken in a coop...
  • ...
  • S-speaking of chickens... what's a birdbrain like you doing hanging around when there's so much work to do?!
  • Let's get back to the task at hand: get me another batch of quicksilver plorts and I'll give you a very special reward: access to this manor and its plots.
  • My manor would be the one ranch expansion you have that isn't embarrassing. Wouldn't that be nice?

Until the final trade is completed

  • Come on now, wouldn't you like a little extra spending money and access to the rest of my manor here?
  • I don't care either way. I've got other manors that are way better than this one anyway.
  • ...but all the same: get to work.

After the final trade is complete

  • Well, well, it looks like you're now the proud owner of Mochi's Manor. Your catchet is rising as we speak.
  • Maybe if you're lucky I may even come visit some time... just to see what you do with the place, not for any other reason. This is just business.
  • ...
  • You know, I don't normally work with anyone else. I don't want the help. I don't need it.
  • But this wasn't so bad, you know. It was nice to talk to someone else who is almost as talented as I am.
  • And it got me thinking... maybe you and I are just two chickens out here in a coop, and maybe we're not. Maybe...
  • ...maybe I'm gonna build an empire out here that'll be better than anything my dad could ever dream up.
  • And maybe... maybe I'll be doing this for me, and no one else. Because I'm starting to think that the only person you need to live up to is yourself.
  • Heck, maybe we'll even partner up some day, Beatrix...
  • ...but not today.
  • Now get out of here. You've got a new ranch expansion to manage and I'm still paying for quicksilver plorts if you still have the chops to collect them.
  • Later, tater.

After completing all the trades

  • You think just because we've had a little chat now and again that this is some kind of friendship?
  • Get to-
  • ...
  • When you're ready, head to the valley and collect those quicksilver plorts. It... would be a big help.

At Nimble Valley via popups

Welcome to the Nimble Valley

  • Now start the generator and get those quicksilver slimes moving.

    Get to work.


  • Now find some charge stations to collect electrical charges for your vacpack.

Energy Boost Stations

  • Instantly refills all your energy to keep you moving. And you'll need it.

Spark Shot Acquired!

  • Feed a Spark Shots[sic] to quicksilver slimes and let the plorts flow! Sweet PROFITS!

Relay Rings

  • Passing through relay rings charges the generator and adds time to the clock. Hurry, worker bee!

Charge Stations

  • Charge stations grant a random electrical power shot. Learn to use all three.

    (I've already mastered them all)
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