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  • I live in a pile of books
  • I was born on March 20
  • My occupation is Undertale fan, Slime Rancher fan, Deltarune fan, Ravenfield fan, Prodigy Math Game Fan, Fan fan
  • I am A solder
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  • Ok I'll come out and say this, I've grown tired of reverting these pointless edits of adding a single space somewhere almost unnoticeable to a page.

    First off, these bring nothing to the wiki in their actual benefit to the readers, and either is detrimental or indifferent to the back end source readability. All in all these edits shouldn't be made given the bring nothing of gain or are more of a detriment.

    These don't try to clarify something, they aren't even mistaken information, they are just pointless edits that add a single extra bit to load every load up. While it isn't necessarily noticeable this adds a tiny bit of extra load time, which i guess can be seen as a detriment for those that normally wouldn't be in either boat.

    Odds are you are likely achievement hunting, which in general the staff for the wiki look down upon when the actions taken for it come to the detriment of the wiki. Be it pointless edits, bad edits or what not.

    All in all, this is my one formal comment on the subject aside from the reversion summaries.

    TL;DR, we've asked a couple times indirectly for you to stop with the pointless edits. This is my blunt and straight to the point request now.

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  • Hello there and welcome to the Slime Rancher Wikia! Thank you for your edit to the Gordo Slimes/Locations page.

    Now that you've established yourself on the wiki, we ask that you check out our Community Guidelines page to get a basic grasp on our expectations of you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, or check out our FAQs page.

    If you are new to editing on Wikis, feel free take a look at our help page.
    For a more in-depth explanation, head on over to Wikia Community Central.

    Happy ranching!

    PS. Keep water on you at all times because it's good to stay hydrated.
    You also never know when a Tarr outbreak might happen.

    (This is an automated message)

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