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  • My occupation is Doing YouTubes Videos and Completing Wikis and Doing projects and Speedrun AND more.....
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  • I appreciate that you want to add videos to the Largo Slimes page to show how they behave in-game, but there's 156 individual Largos in the game not counting Tarr, so you will either inflate the already large page by giving each slime type individual videos, or make one extra long video that nobody is going to want to watch because they have to sift through 156 Largo animations. Even with annotations and links in the YT description, that's still a big onslaught of information, so a video format isn't going to work. Plus we do already have a Largo chart on the page which immediately presents all of the Largo combinations, so it's a lot of work for little benefit.

    In your first batch of edits on the page you also attempted to credit yourself for work you'd not yet done. Usernames should be kept off articles.

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