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  • quicksilver slimes are my 2nd fav slime (besides crystal, i am one)

    also: do you like mochi?

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    • Categories: An article should not have a category if it will be the only article in it.
    • Grammar: "It's" is a contraction of "it is". If its is being used as a possessive pronoun then its should not have an apostrophe. Honestly, articles should not use contractions in the first place, it is more formal to write the full words instead of using contractions.
    • Speaking of formal, might as well mention: Instantaneously practically has the same meaning as Instantly but the former is more formal than the latter. It is unnecessary to change the wording of an article if it is correct, to begin with, especially if its current wording is more formal than the intended change.
    • Overemphasis: When an article has a sentence talking about only one specific topic, it is understood that the sentence's subject is the only topic that the sentence is pointing out. It is unnecessary to bold out certain words to overemphasize the topic at hand. If an article says "Tangle Slimes are the only plant slimes in the game", it is easy enough to understand, it is unnecessary to highlight the word only in bold.
    • Linking Plurals: The proper way to link plurals is by putting an "s" outside of the brackets instead of writing the title twice. Like this: [[Link]]s instead of [[Link|Links]]. Writing the word twice will make it twice longer which will be very bad for long links like: [[Slime Rancher Soundtrack|Slime Rancher Soundtracks]].

    You have been making the same mistakes repeatedly (except for the "Instantaneously" edit) and people have just been reverting your edits so I felt like you should know.

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  • You really didn't need to reupload those images to apply them to the NPC dialogue pages; you could have just used the original files. I've fixed that for you and deleted the new images.

    I also made it so they're at the top of the page rather than jackhammered into the dialogue section.

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  • Hi, welcome to Slime Rancher Wikia! Thanks for your edit to the Game Versions page.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me over here.

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    Happy editing and keep away from any Tarr.

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