- Electrobox -

aka Electrobox10 / Crossaint

  • I live in Slimy Reef
  • My occupation is Slime Scientist
  • I am Male
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  • Soo you said it wasn't working for you? try it again. I'm not sure why epic games isn't working because I'm on steam. I posted the location already, it's on the pink boom feral tunnel

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    • Yeah i know i looked there and it isn't working. I also popped a different gordo and the party crates aren't working either. I'm very confused

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    • wut version r u using? 1.4.2? 1.4.1? 1.4.0? 1.3.2? 

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    • 1.3.2

      as i've mentioned, i use epic games, and I don't know how to update it. I've seen a party gordo before! i even have the ornaments stored in the ceiling of my lab. (you should try it, it looks really cool)

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  • Hello there and welcome to the Slime Rancher Wikia! Thank you for your edit to the The Slime Sea/Moustache Island page.

    Now that you've established yourself on the wiki, we ask that you check out our Community Guidelines page to get a basic grasp on our expectations of you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, or check out our FAQs page.

    If you are new to editing on Wikis, feel free take a look at our help page.
    For a more in-depth explanation, head on over to Wikia Community Central.

    Happy ranching!

    PS. Keep water on you at all times because it's good to stay hydrated.
    You also never know when a Tarr outbreak might happen.

    (This is an automated message)

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