Hunger is one of the hidden values all slimes have which determines which standard facial expression they will assume, including in relation to their agitation values. Eating food lowers a slime's agitation, so keeping a slime fed is the most guaranteed way to avoid negative behaviours from occurring. Slimes do not die from not being fed for extended periods of time, and unlike Agitation, there are no external modifiers for slowing down Hunger.

Hunger is completely disabled within The Slimeulation, so no slimes in the area will eat food. Gordo Slimes are a special case and will consume all foods in its diet until burst.


Note: While times may vary due to agitation and hunger levels, these times are approximate to a slime that was previously well-fed and has no Slime Toys or a Music Box.

Facial expression
Pink Slime SP

The Slime is fully fed and happy, and will not seek out food.
Pink Slime Happy
Its face will decay to "Happy" approximately 6 hours after its last feed, and will start seeking food.
Pink Slime Hungry
The slime has gone another 12 hours - or 18 overall - without food, and decayed to "Hungry".

Hungry slimes may have already started performing their negative behaviors - or passive behaviors more often, if applicable.

Pink Slime Agitated
The slime has gone 29 hours without food, and is agitated.

Agitated slimes will perform their negative behaviors - or passive behaviors significantly more often, if applicable.

A hungry pure slime will eat three pieces of food before it is satisfied regardless of whether the food is its favorite, and a Largo will eat two. Feral Slimes will always eat food regardless of hunger, and will obey their own hunger value once they have been calmed; so a fully fed feral slime will eat to calm down, but not immediately after.



  • A feral slime will always eat regardless of hunger, and a Hunter Largo can go feral when highly agitated. It is possible to force them to go feral by shooting Fire Slimes at them, then feeding them again to calm them down to produce more plorts.
  • Gold Slimes and Lucky Slimes are susceptible to hunger and agitation like any other slime. Due to the nature of their rarity and despawning mechanics, this does not normally come into play under normal circumstances.
  • Hungry and Agitated slimes will not show the characteristic scared face of a slime experiencing Fear, but will still try to flee the source of their Fear.
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