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Once the property of the legendary slime rancher and notorious old codger, Hobson Twillgers, the ranch has seen better days, as Hobson let it come into a state of disrepair shortly before disappearing completely.

Hobson Twillgers was the previous owner of The Ranch before it was passed on to Beatrix.

At the end of Adventure Mode and Casual Mode, it is revealed that Hobson's final adventure was his intention to use the Warp Terminal at the end of The Glass Desert to travel space and time. However he ultimately changed his mind because of his love for Thora West. He currently resides at her Ranch.

He is the owner of The Vaults, the contents of which he intended to use as "walking around money in the great beyond". He unlocks all three after Beatrix beats the game.


Not much is known about Hobson's life especially during the time he still lived on earth.

His tendency to search for adventures may be the reason why he chose to leave earth and live on the Far, Far Range.

He usually slept in The Grotto and dreamt that he's drifting off a sea of stars. He also built The Lab after meeting Viktor Humphries and learning about Plort Technology. He would spend most of his time tinkering here on rainy days, and have the tendency to blow himself up while doing so.

At some point, he met Thora West in The Indigo Quarry and soon fell in love. He went through Crystal Volcano just to pick up crystals for the chimes that Thora makes during her spare time, even if he got stuck for almost two days.

When he visited The Ancient Ruins, that was the time were he began to ponder about his choices in life, giving him the idea of a risk-it-all choice or a happy life. The doors would always reminded him that in life, you can't have both doors open, one would close if you chose a different path while one would open if you choose that path in life.

When he visited The Glass Desert before leaving The Ranch, he encountered a switch with two doors near the end of the desert; one door would open while the other would close. His note indicates that the two doors represented his dilemma; the first where he would use the warp terminal to become the first human to travel through space and time, or having a life with Thora. However he chose not to go. Instead, he packed his things and moved to Thora's Ranch to finally discover what love really is.

He also built The Vaults to store Gold Plorts that he originally would use to "walk around money in the great beyond", but he chose to live with Thora. He unlocks The Vaults for Beatrix at the post-Adventure Mode.


Listed here is a collection of all known notes on the Far, Far Range left by Hobson.

The Ranch

Hobson Note
Located just on the inside of The Grotto; expansion requires being purchased for 1,795 Newbucks.
Located in The Overgrowth next to the archway overlooking the Dry Reef Static Teleporter; expansion requires being purchased for 1,795 Newbucks.
Located at The Docks at the end of the bridge; expansion requires being purchased for 5,000 Newbucks.
Located in The Lab's hangar next to the fabricator; expansion requires being purchased for 10,000 Newbucks.

The Dry Reef

Hobson Note
This note is located just outside The Ranch at the entrance to the Dry Reef, and is likely the first that players will encounter on their travels.
This one is located in the hidden valley, looking out towards The Indigo Quarry.
Located in the mouth of the tunnel that leads to The Indigo Quarry, this note introduces players to Feral Slimes and how to deal with them.
Sat at the edge of the Slime Sea next to a large tree in the area where players first encounter Stony Hens, this message conveys Hobson's primary motivation to visit the Far, Far Range.
Located on The Beach where the ground is filled with circles made of stones, looking out towards Ring Island.
On Ring Island, which requires popping a Tabby Gordo to get to; on the other side of the island are some rocks with a broken bridge, the note is located on one of them.

The Moss Blanket

Hobson Note
Located up and to the right of the log that brings players into the Moss Blanket, this note is placed to inform players of the way out of the Moss Blanket.
If players continue right after entering the Moss Blanket and keep walking, a lone note stands in the middle of the field of grass. This note provides players with background on the Moss Blanket.
Placed next to the island with giant mushrooms and an even bigger tree adorning the center; Hobson expresses his thoughts on love through this note.
This note is placed directly before a broken bridge leading into Feral Path, warning of the Feral Hunter Largos within.

The Indigo Quarry

Hobson Note
HNIndigoQuarryEntrance.png HNIndigoQuarryEntranceMap.png Placed in line of sight of the player as they enter the Indigo Quarry, this note describes how Hobson used to be happiest alone, until he found Thora.
HNIndigoQuarryPuddleSlime.png HNIndigoQuarryPuddleSlimeMap.png Found next to the pond with puddle slimes, this note simply describes Hobson using the water in the pond.
HNIndigoQuarryCinderGroveWindChimes.png HNIndigoQuarryCinderGroveWindChimesMap.png This note is located in Crystal Volcano. It describes how Hobson got pinned in the cave by crystal slimes while collecting crystals to build a wind chime for Thora.
HNIndigoQuarryAshIsleHadToLeave.png HNIndigoQuarryAshIsleHadToLeaveMap.png This note requires that the second Rock Gordo be popped to access Ash Isle; it is located right at the entrance. And describes Hobson's eventual desire to leave the Far, Far Range.

The Ancient Ruins

Hobson Note
HNAncientRuinsFascinating.png HNAncientRuinsFascinatingMap.png This first note is located at the entrance to the largest chamber in the ruins. It lets the player know that the Ruins have a use and can be utitilized, and that Hobson has figured it out.
HNAncientRuinsGlassDoors.png HNAncientRuinsGlassDoorsMap.png Located near the first note with doors that open alternately. Hobson talks about how life is filled with similar doors, where doors are the choices people make.
HNAncientRuinsPhaseLemonTrees.png HNAncientRuinsPhaseLemonTreesMap.png Near the end of the Ruins at the end of a ramp. This one describes to players how they can retrieve phase lemons.
HNAncientRuinsWarpStation.png HNAncientRuinsWarpStationMap.png Located in the Warp Room of the Glass Desert teleport, warning you about fire storms.

The Glass Desert

Hobson Note
HNGlassDesertSolarAnomalies.png HNGlassDesertSolarAnomaliesMap.png Located just before the natural bridge leading to the area with the giant pillar. It warns Beatrix about the Solar Anomalies.
HNGlassDesertHarshPlace.png HNGlassDesertHarshPlaceMap.png Next to the fountain in the Rock Slime Statue area. This note hints at the Fountains' use.
HNGlassDesertOneHeckOfAScorcher.png HNGlassDesertOneHeckOfAScorcherMap.png Located on a high platform overseeing the "courtyard" of the northern ruins area. Hobson theorises about the event that occured to the Glass Desert to form the frozen fire structures.
HNGlassDesertSandSea.png HNGlassDesertSandSeaMap.png On the ruins themselves. Hobson wonders about the Sand Sea where the Desert is located on the Far, Far Range.
HNGlassDesertTwoDoors.png HNGlassDesertTwoDoorsMap.png On the bridge towards the Warp Station building in the northernmost part of the Glass Desert.
HNGlassDesertTwoDoorsBeatrix.png HNGlassDesertTwoDoorsBeatrixMap.png Right in front of the carving of the Slime face.
HNGlassDesertChoseMyDoor.png HNGlassDesertChoseMyDoorMap.png Just down the ramp inside the Warp Station building.
HNGlassDesertButIDidntGo.png HNGlassDesertButIDidntGoMap.png Right in the middle of the Warp Station. Unlocks the Achievement, "Doors like these".


  • One of the boot-up messages says that Hobson disappeared and that no one has seen him in years.
  • There is one achievement unlocked by a Hobson note: "Doors like these".
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