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If you're reading this inside the Slimeulation, how do you know it's real?
— the Slimepedia

Glitch Slimes are a species of slime that inhabit The Slimeulation. They were introduced in Viktor's Experimental Update.


Glitch slimes were formed from a bug in the codebase of Viktor's Slimeulation of the Far, Far Range. Though a wholly digital entity, these slimes could easily be considered 'real' within the limits of the world they inhabit. Glitch slimes do not seek out food like physical slimes; instead, they seem to be expanding to every corner of the Slimeulation, driven by some unknown purpose.

Rancher Risks:
Though glitch slimes pose no direct danger to a rancher, their mischievous nature can make for hazardous situations when attempting to wrangle them. Glitch slimes will take the form of other slimes, distinguisable only by the inaccurate face they present. Vac-ing them up or using debug spray will reveal their true form.

Additionally, a glitch slime can take the form of objects commonly found in the Far, Far Range. If you're familiar with the real range, look for objects like rocks and trees that don't seem to belong. A splash of debug spray can reveal many glitch slimes in disguise.

A glitch slime does not display any drive to eat the simulated food of the slimeulation and so no[sic] known plorts exist.

However, if glitch slime plorts did exist, they would be virtual like everything in the slimeulation and have no actual value. Unless of course, a bunch of people decided virtual plorts have value, and then maybe everyone would start buying them. Heck, maybe eventually glitch slime plorts would worth a fortune because a bunch of us just agree on that too and then we all created our own Slimeulations to generate glitch slime plorts. But if that happened, then we would all be using an absurd amount of real energy, harming our real enviroment further, all to generate virtual plorts?

So obviously, that's just a very silly thing and we'd never do that.


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Glitch Slimes never initially appear in their true form, and will spawn as either a pure slime or a largo with a simplistic face that never changes with its mood, or an object that appears in an area that doesn't normally in the real world. When revealed, one or more Glitch Slimes depending on the disguise will spawn from it and flee in all directions, and will despawn after a short time if not collected. They have a chance to replicate themselves when they despawn.

Slime disguise


As a "Ditto-faced" slime, it behaves identically to its standard counterparts, including being aggressive when feral. When a "Ditto-faced" slime is vacced up or exposed with Debug Spray, it will reveal itself as a glitch slime or pack of glitch slimes.


The amount of glitch slimes that spawn from a disguised slime depends on what was revealed:

  • A pure slime will contain one glitch slime
  • A largo slime will contain 3-5 glitch slimes
  • A lucky slime will always spawn glitched, and contains 7-8 glitch slimes, but can still despawn when it spots Beatrix
  • A gold slime will always spawn glitched, and contains 7-8 glitch slimes, but can still flee and despawn if it spots Beatrix

Object disguise


Glitch slimes may also be disguised as objects within the world, which appear in spots where they don't normally exist in the overworld. Examples include fruit trees with perpetually ripe fruit that cannot be harvested, or growing the wrong fruit entirely. Objects can only be exposed as glitch slimes with Debug Spray. Out-of-place objects contain 12 glitch slimes, but they will disappear if not sprayed with Debug Spray.

Possible object disguises

When Beatrix is attacked by The Slimeulation's Tarr, 3-4 glitch slimes will escape from the vacpack and flee in all directions. They can be vacced up again should this occur, however glitch slimes are susceptable to tarr and like other slimes, glitch slimes experience Fear and will attempt to flee from the tarr, and can be consumed by them.

Due to the nature of the slimeulation, no slimes eat food and therefore do not produce plorts. Glitch slimes by extension also do not eat.

Bug Reports


When leaving The Slimeulation, all collected glitch slimes are converted to Bug Reports, items which are traded to Viktor. This is the only way to obtain Manifold Cubes.


The Glitch Slime's name is based on glitches; short-lived faults that correct themselves. In practise, the slime behaves more similarly to a software bug, a more permanent unintended side effect of an error or fault in software that requires troubleshooting. The Glitch Slime in its normal form appears very similar to a Pink Slime, while its ability to disguise as inanimate objects and other slimes shares similarities with the Pokémon Ditto. Its simplistic face while disguised as a slime may be a reference to Duplica's Ditto, and the popularisation of the Ditto face on transformed Ditto after the episode's initial airing. The Slimepedia entry talking about glitch slime's virtual plorts having value may be poking fun at cryptocurrency.

The Glitch Slime's Secret Style - Retro - is based on a retro handheld console, possibly in particular the Game Boy due to the presence of Game Boy-like attachments present on Beatrix LeBeau, Viktor Humphries, BOb, and on Ogden Ortiz on a Game Developer's Conference card.


  • 1.4.3 - Corrected Viktor's descriptions of glitch slimes.
  • 1.4.0 - Added to the game, along with its secret style.


  • Glitch slimes disguised as other slimes are commonly referred to as "Ditto Slimes", due its resemblence to a failed disguise of the Pokémon Ditto.
  • The Glitch Slime is the only vaccable slime that is converted to another item when leaving its area.
  • Glitch Slimes disguised as fruit trees have un-vaccable fruit, making it easier to tell them apart from normal fruit trees.
  • Prior to release, the roadmap's blurb for the Glitch Slime stated:
    Glitch slimes have been discovered living inside Viktor's Slimeulations and it's up to you to help him capture, quarantine, and research them before they spread! But it won’t be easy! Glitch slimes can be difficult to find as they are often hiding in plain sight, pretending to be regular slimes or real objects that were definitely there before... nothing to see here just a regular tree in its regular spot and not out of place.
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