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The Gilded Ginger is an elusive Veggie that is found exclusively in The Glass Desert, though only two will appear a day. When in the ground, it will produce a glimmering sound which makes it easier to detect. It is the favored food of Gold Slimes and can be used on a Gordo Snare to attract a Gold Gordo, which cannot otherwise be encountered in Adventure Mode.

The Gilded Ginger, as well as the Kookadoba fruit and Spicy Tofu, are unique among Food items in that they cannot be grown in a garden.

Slimepedia Entry

Curiously, gilded ginger cannot be replicated in a garden as its unusual biological properties prohibit it. However, there is perhaps another use for it...

On the Ranch:
Said to be the holy grail of veggies, gilded ginger can very rarely be found growing in the Glass Desert. It is the only known food that a gold slime will eat, and the few that have seen it claim that doing so will greatly reward the lucky rancher.


  • Two new Gilded Gingers spawn in any of the 74 locations at 5:00 A.M. every in-game day, and if the previous day's Gingers weren't collected they will despawn instantaneously. A Gilded Ginger will never spawn in a location near Beatrix, and spawns fully mature.
  • To maximise chances of finding a Gilded Ginger, it is best to set up a series of teleporters near spawn locations or use teleporters to get to harder to reach places with Ginger locations, such as behind the Mosaic Gordo. Setting up a clear route and starting the hunt at 5:00 A.M. will help increase chances of finding that day's Ginger. Additionally, it may be wise to place Echoes on Ginger spawn points.
  • A ginger prior to being harvested will emit sparkles and twinkle sound effects, allowing it to be located easily.
  • Feeding a Gold Slime a Gilded Ginger always produces five Gold Plorts. Golden Sureshot will not work on a Gold Slime if fed a Gilded Ginger.
  • A Gilded Ginger used on a Novice and Advanced Gordo Snare does not guarantee a Gold Gordo; they have the same probability as other Foods to attract other Gordos instead. A Master Gordo Snare will guarantee a Gold Gordo.



  • 1.4.2 - Fixed a rare issue that you could run into while collecting gilded gingers.
  • 1.3.2 - Gilded Gingers now appear in two locations daily and, if you listen closely, are easier to locate. Happy hunting!
    • 1.3.2b - (Undocumented) Gilded Gingers now despawn instead of uproot at 5am.
  • 1.2.0 - Gilded Gingers are now awarded on successful trades at the Range Exchange while playing Rush Mode.
  • 1.1.0 - Fixed bug where the hat trick achievement was not awarded when gilded ginger was eaten by a gold slime.
  • 1.0.1 - Implemented.


The Gilded Ginger's name may be a reference to the Ginger Gold apple variety, which are generally yellow in coloration. It may draw some inspiration from edible gold leaf, which is often used as a garnish in luxury culinary uses, which may account for the ginger's rarity. Physically, it is a ginger plant and root with a clean gold finish, giving it the appearence of having been treated with food color spray, similarly to the Silver Parsnip.


  • Ogden Ortiz mentioned the Gilded Ginger in his introductory Starmail long before it was introduced.
  • Before its release, the roadmap entry for the Gilded Ginger stated:
    Gilded ginger can very rarely be found growing in the Glass Desert. It can be used to gain additional gold plorts from a gold slime in the wild or used on [REDACTED].
  • The About and On the Ranch portions of the Slimepedia entry are swapped.
  • Prior to Version 1.4.2, a Gilded Ginger may have uprooted itself at any time before 5am, affecting the amount of gingers that can be found on a given day. This was fixed in Version 1.4.2.

A Gilded Ginger uprooting before it was supposed to at 5am.

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