January 12, 2016

Official Announcement


  • Added the version number on the main menu
  • Added new tutorials for Largos and a general tutorial to let you know you've completed all the initial tutorials.
  • Added an invert view-y-axis option for both gamepad and mouse.
  • Make Tarrs in fresh water react as if hit by water.
  • Improved indication of selected item in various purchase and Slimepedia screens.
  • Moved game save file location (Was in a "SlimeRancher\SlimeRancher Prototype" directory, now in "Monomi Park\Slime Rancher"). Note: the game should automatically copy your files over so you should not need to do anything to get to old save files.
  • Added an indicator on the garden of how long the current crop will last before it needs replanting.
  • Adjusted the prices of several ranch features, upgrades, and expansions.
  • Decreased the number of slimes requested at one time on the Range Exchange.
  • Added some additional barriers to restrict access to the Ranch Expansions.
  • Added a (possibly temporary) "Emergency Return" option to allow players to knock themselves out and return to the Ranch if they're stuck. (With all the usual penalties for being knocked out)


  • Fixed bug where attempting to shoot a held largo or crate with a gamepad would fail. Note: You will likely need to set your gamepad options to re-set the trigger buttons for vac and shoot to enable this fix.
  • Fixed bug causing the Air Drive upgrade to be more powerful than intended.
  • Fixed bug where vaccing underwater did not collect water.
  • Fixed bug where an overcrowded Grotto or Overgrowth could still have disappearing slimes.
  • Fixed bug where expansion doors would trigger after they'd been unlocked*instead they properly pop up the Slimepedia page for their expansion.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes miniature fruits/veggies would be present in the world.
  • Fixed bug where Rock Tabby Largos sometimes had extra spikes.
  • Fixed bug where plort prices would stop updating.
  • Fixed bug preventing briar hens from spawning
  • Fixed bug where exiting the game from within the Grotto would leave the main menu scene incorrectly lit.

Version 0.2.3b

January 13, 2016


  • Adjustmented the in-home background image.
  • Increased the time the explore tutorial stays on screen.


  • Fixed bug where nutrient soil was causing gardens to not grow as many fruit & veggies as they should.
  • Fixed bug where health, energy, and ammo upgrades would sometimes carry into new games.
  • Fixed bug that could sometimes cause lag related to watering.
  • Fixed bug where ponds were too easy to refill.
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