Deep Brine is a common Slime Science Resource obtained with a pump in The Dry Reef. They cannot be obtained in The Ranch or its expansions as they are not considered part of The Dry Reef.

It is primarily used for Decorations and Fashion Pods.

Slimepedia Entry

Deep brine is a common resource exclusive to the Dry Reef, obtained with a pump.

Not safe for drinking, the deep brine is thought to be water from slime sea that has been filtered by the subterranean coral of the Dry Reef. It is significantly denser than fresh water and loaded with salt.

On the Ranch:
Deposit deep brine into the Lab's refinery where it can be used for crafting Slime Science gadgets.

Treasure Pods that contain Deep Brine

DeepBrine SP
Treasure Pod Location
The Dry Reef
Dry Reef
The Dry Reef
Dry Reef
TheAncientRuins SP
Ancient Ruins
The Dry Reef
Dry Reef

All of these Treasure Pods also contain 1 Lava Dust

Recipes that use Deep Brine

Gadget type
DeepBrine SP
Utilities 8
Warp Tech 10






  • Deep Brine's name may come from the term "Deep-sea Brine pools", which are lakes of highly salinated water, or water with high concentrations of dissolved salt, that are formed when water becomes more dense than the surrounding ocean and settles on the seafloor, usually in craters. Due to its high salinity, this water can be toxic to surrounding marine life. Many kinds of brine lakes exist and depending on the type of brine lake, they may be extracted for the resources they can contain through a process called brine mining. The Deep Brine's Slimepedia tagline - "Salt of the earth kind of stuff." - is a pun on the phrase Salt of the Earth.

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