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Crates are wooden boxes that can be found throughout the Far, Far Range. They can contain a wide variety of items including Slimes, Food, and Newbucks.

They are too big to be stored in the vacpack, but can be held onto the nozzle and launched against a wall to break them open. They can also be broken by letting them drop from a great height, or being shot with any resources, with the exception of Echoes and Ornaments.

As well as being randomly found in specific locations, they can also be found in packs of 2 or 3 after bursting a Gordo - both wild and snared. They are also awarded on a successful trade at the Range Exchange which automatically break if allowed to drop to the floor. These crates contain the items presented on the trade window.

Crates despawn if not opened, so it is impossible to keep and collect crates and should instead be opened upon their discovery. All crates drop 4-6 items from their pool.


This map shows all of the approximate crate spawn points. Note that crates may not be present in a spawn point on a given day, and the map does not indicate elevations.
Map Crates.jpg

Regular crates

Their drop rate is decided by weight values; 1.0 being the most common, and 0.005 being the rarest.
Type Drop Rarity Appears in
Newbucks 10 Newbucks.png 1.0 All crates
Newbucks 25 Newbucks.png 0.25 All crates
Fruit Pogo fruit.png 0.5 All crates
Veggie Carrot.png 0.5 All crates
Meat Hen hen.png 0.5 All crates
Slime Pink Slime SP.png 0.1 All crates
Slime Phosphor Slime SP.png 0.1 All crates
Slime Tabby Slime SP.png 0.1 All crates
Slime Rock Slime SP.png 0.1 All crates
Fruit Cuberry.png 0.3 All crates
Veggie Heart Beet.png 0.3 All crates
Meat Stony hen.png 0.3 All crates
Meat Roostro.png 0.1 All crates
Slime Gold Slime SP.png 0.005 All crates
Veggie OddOnion SP.png 0.1 The Indigo Quarry.png
Slime Crystal Slime SP.png 0.01 The Indigo Quarry.png
Veggie Oca Oca.png 0.3 The Indigo Quarry.png
Fruit Mint mango.png 0.3 The Moss Blanket.png
Slime Hunter Slime SP.png 0.01 The Moss Blanket.png
Fruit PhaseLemon SP.png 0.3 TheAncientRuins SP.png
Fruit Prickle Pear.png 0.3 The Glass Desert.png
Veggie Silver Parsnip.png 0.3 The Glass Desert.png
Fruit KookadobaSP.png 0.3 TheWildsSP.png

Slime Science Crates

These crates only drop Slime Science resources.
Note: Only the Hunter Gordo, Crystal Gordo, all three Glass Desert gordos, and snared Gordos drop Slime Science crates.
Type Drop Rarity
Drill Resource Jellystone SP.png 90.0
Pump Resource PrimordyOil SP.png 90.0
Apiary Resource BuzzWax SP.png 90.0
Drill Resource SlimeFossil SP.png 30.0
Pump Resource SpiralSteam SP.png 30.0
Apiary Resource Hexacomb SP.png 30.0
Drill Resource StrangeDiamond SP.png 3.0
Pump Resource LavaDust SP.png 3.0
Apiary Resource RoyalJelly SP.png 3.0


Wiggly Wonderland


Main article: Wiggly Wonderland

Wiggly Wonderland added an additional drop to crates for a limited time: ornaments. They were available over the course of 13 days in December and January that drop alongside a crate's normal drops.

Party Weekend


Main article: Party Weekend

Party Crates drop from the Party Gordo during the Party Weekend event and has a 50% chance to spawn in place of a normal crate. It only drops an ornament.



  • 1.2.2 - Crates made to resemble presents can appear on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday local time which drop Party Gordo Ornaments. The crates can also be dropped by the Party Gordo.
  • 1.2.0 - Fixed bug where Range Exchange crates would sometimes launch their contents aggressively on break.


  • The contents of crates are only determined upon destruction, rather than upon generation. (Except the crates from Range Exchange)
  • With the addition of v1.1.2 all crates drop one Ornament if opened between December 20th and January 1st, with the exception of the crates received from Range Exchange.
  • No Crates can spawn in The Ancient Ruins Courtyard.
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