"A happy slime makes for a happy rancher."

A corral is used to keep slimes on a ranch. The open-air corrals are designed for maximum slime satisfaction, with the rich soil of the Range beneath them and its expansive sky above them. Slimes will remain perfectly happy within corrals as long as they are fed regularly.

Remember: You can shoot things THROUGH a corral barrier. Handy!

Cost: 250Newbucks


A corral is an obtainable plot in Slime rancher. A corral is what you use to house slimes, with some exceptions (These slimes are the: Puddle Slime, Gold Slime, The Tarr and the Lucky Slime).


Corral WallsHigh Walls High Walls
Higher corral walls ensure that even the bounciest of slimes will have difficulty escaping.

Price: 350Newbucks

Corral MusicMusic Box Music Box
The music box plays a soothing tune that greatly reduces slime agitation.

Price: 350Newbucks

Corral NetAir Net Air Net
An air net is a force barrier that covers the top of a corral. It can take a few hits before needing to recharge.

Price: 425Newbucks

Corral Solar ShieldSolar Shield Solar Shield
A solar shield will encase a corral in a dim shade, protecting slimes sensitive to light.

Price: 425Newbucks

Corral CollectorPlort Collector Plort Collector
A plort collector will vacuum up two types of plorts in a corral at regular intervals, depositing them into a storage tank, so long as space is available.

Price: 500Newbucks

Corral FeederAuto-Feeder Auto-Feeder
An auto-feeder will drop food into the corral at regular intervals. Just remember to keep it stocked!

Price: 500Newbucks


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