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For more information on the chicken breeding mechanic, see Chicken Breeding

Keeping chickens in their place prevents the uprising.
— the Slimepedia
Coop SP.png

A Coop is a facility available at any plot on The Ranch, Ogden's Retreat, Mochi's Manor, and Viktor's Workshop. Coops are typically used for breeding Hen Hens and Roostros.

Prior to purchasing the Deluxe Coop upgrade, the maximum number of chickens a coop can hold before chickens stop breeding is 12.

Slimepedia Entry

Though many ranchers simply let their chickens roam the ranch, a coop is the tool of a serious poultry producer. Coops keep hens and roostros close, allowing for maximum egg-laying potential. Just remember to avoid crowding the coop: chickens won't reproduce when in close proximity to more than a dozen other hens or roostros. But give them room and watch the love bloom.


Coop SP.pngCoop Coop

Keeping chickens in their place prevents the uprising.

Note: A Coop guarantees a hen will produce an egg when a check is made in range of a roostro.

Price: 250Newbucks.png


Coop Walls.pngHigh Walls High Walls

Great for keeping chickens in and hungry slimes out.

Price: 350Newbucks.png

Coop Grass.pngSpring Grass Spring Grass

Spring grass attracts scuttle bugs that chickens just love to eat. With their bellies full, hens will produce eggs twice as fast.

Note: The Spring Grass upgrade's actual function decreases chick growth time to three hours.

Price: 425Newbucks.png

Coop Vitamizer.pngVitamizer Vitamizer

The very latest in advanced poultry tech, the vitamizer bathes the chickens in 'vita-rays,' allowing them to grow into healthy hens and roostros twice as fast.

Note: The Vitamizer's actual function grants hens a 50% chance to lay two eggs.

Price: 500Newbucks.png

DeluxeCoopSP.pngDeluxe Upgrade Deluxe Upgrade

A special upgrade designed by Mochi Miles that doubles the number of chickens you can keep and moves elders out.

Price: 650Newbucks.png; available after unlocking Mochi's Extra Mile and trading her a further 450 Quicksilver Plorts at Mochi's Manor.


  • The Spring Grass upgrade is stated to allow hens to produce eggs twice as fast. Instead, it grants chicks the ability to grow in three hours, rather than six. Egg production is unaffected.
  • The Vitamizer upgrade is stated to allow chicks to grow into hens and roostros twice as fast. Instead, it grants hens the chance to lay two eggs instead of one. Chick growth rate is unaffected.
    • This means that the Spring Grass upgrade functions as the Vitamizer, and the Vitamizer functions as the Spring Grass.



  • The reference to "uprising" is likely a pun on the word "coup" which means uprising or revolt.
  • A coop is not necessary to breed chickens; they can breed in the wild and free-range on The Ranch as long as a Roostro and any Hen Hen are in range. However, a fully upgraded coop speeds up the process.
  • The TV in the Deluxe Upgrade sometimes shows something that resembles Jeopardy.
  • The egg that covers Chickadoos are a temporary cover similar to the gel sac on Plorts when first produced. As such, it is still considered a chickadoo and is considered one when vacced.
  • Two of the news screens on the TV resemble either Slimes, most likely, Pink, Tabby, Boom, Hunter, Tangle, and Tarr.
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