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Here you'll find some basic guidelines for using and editing on this Wiki.

Common sense rules

  • Don't spam. This includes comments and user message walls.
    • Generally this means keep your posts relevant. Posting gibberish, multiple talk pages having nonsense comments written on them in a short space of time, a comment with image spam to intentionally make the page longer etc. Comments of this nature will either be edited or removed entirely.
  • Keep swearing to a minimum.
  • Keep things Safe For Work; i.e don't post lewds, gore, or anything taboo.
  • Don't harass or bully other users. If you don't like someone, just stop interacting with them.
  • Don't vandalise pages on the wiki or edit other users' profiles. Doing so can result in being blocked from editing; the length of time dependant on how severe the vandalism is.
    • If you have an issue with the content of someone's user profile, just stay off it. If it has NSFW content, notify an Admin.
  • Don't advertise.
  • The primary language of this wiki is English.

Uploading files

  • Remember that we aren't a file-sharing site and shouldn't be used as one. If it is not going to be used on the wiki then it shouldn't be uploaded. If files flag up as unused, they will get deleted. If you don't want a file to get removed, use it on the site!
    • Wiki use includes: an article, a userpage, a blog, or on a comment to get a point across.
  • When taking screenshots for an article, please use the game's Screenshot button which is accessible from the Pause menu; it takes a clean image in a PNG format and removes the in-game HUD, giving focus to the subject. The game also has the ability to create GIFs if necessary.
    • If an image is to be used in an article, please do not use the default names that the game creates them with (Example: SlimeRancher-2017-12-21-12-22-22-91.png) and give them descriptive filenames. If a lot of images on a page have similar names, it can be difficult to track them down or edit articles involving a large number of images.
    • This does not apply to userpages, article comments and blogs; they can still be uploaded with the default names as long as they are not used in an article.
  • No advertisements.
  • Any and all pictures NSFW and unsuited for minors will be deleted. If necessary, Wikia staff may be informed.


  • If you have never used a wiki before and don't know how to edit, see here for tutorials. For a quick basic tutorial, see here.
  • Do try to be as accurate as possible with information you add to a page.
  • Please try to proofread and preview your edits before submitting.
    • Does it fit in with the rest of the page?
    • If changing the layout of a page entirely, does it look presentable?
  • Do not add unnecessary categories to pages. Your profile and blog posts in particular won't need them.
  • Remain objective. Try not to use "you" or "your" and try to refer to the user as "Beatrix" if keeping in-universe, or preferably "the player".
  • Please only create articles if it is related to the game.
    • New, unrelated pages with total garbage will be considered vandalism.
    • Opinions, fan-made slimes, fan-made areas, and theories about the game are considered blog post content. Articles made for these will be removed and the user notified about their blogs.
  • If there is a vandal, or a user providing unnecessary edits in general, you are free to undo them if necessary. If an Edit war breaks out, chances are an Admin will notice them and put them to an end, but just in case you may want to alert one on the Discord or post on their Message Wall. A list of Admins is available here.

Speaking of which...


We have a Discord which anyone can join. But as a measure against spam, you will have to wait ten minutes until you're allowed to post.

  • Swearing is not allowed.
  • Use the channels appropriately.
  • Don't spam.
  • Nothing NSFW.
  • No insulting or attacking other users.

Repeatedly breaking those rules will result in you being banned from the server.

Discord #music channel

We also have a #music channel on the server which utilises a bot called @FredBoat♪♪ to play music.

  • Using @FredBoat♪♪ is only allowed on #music.
  • Be mindful of other users (that means you shouldn't play stuff like 10 hour videos or meme spam).
  • If you don't like the song currently played, don't skip it. Just deafen yourself instead.
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