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Here you'll find some basic guidelines for using and especially editing on this wiki.

These guidelines are subject to change. Keep in mind that these rules complement the general rules of wikia and the "Netiquette". Some points may be duplicates of the former which just means they are that important.

Comments & chat

  • Be nice to each other. Given the presumed target audience chances are there is a kid on the other side of the comment.
  • 'Be nice' especially means not using any curses or swearing whatsoever.
  • This is an international wiki and people from many different countries are using it. Nonetheless the language of choice is English. If you want to discuss something in your native language visit the wiki of that particular language or use the whispers in chat.
  • Avoid pictures in comments if possible. Only use them if you really need them to get your message across.
  • Don't spam another persons message wall.
  • Don't post 'spam' (e.g. it has nothing to do with the topic) comments on walls / comments older than a month.


  • This wiki isn't a file sharing site. They will be checked on a regular basis and if they aren't in use on this wiki they will be deleted.
  • When you upload a file give it a meaningful and short name. E.g. 'PinkSlime_Ranch.png' instead of '13092016slimerancherscreenshot.png'
  • When you've got a updated version of a file go to that files page and use the 'replace' option. That way the reference all over the wiki to that file stay intact.
  • No pictures or videos which advertise a LP channels on VOD (video on demand) providers.
  • Any and all pictures or videos containing imagery unsuited for minors will be deleted and depending on the content will be brought to the attention of the wikia staff.


  • When editing be sure you know what you are doing. There are many tutorials around including this wiki.
  • Don't start editing and dumb of the work on another person by saying "I don't know how to do it". If you have a suggestion write a comment on that page and ask for someone to do it.
  • Provide a summary of why or what you edited. This won't be required if its a minor edit but would be nice if provided nonetheless.
  • Use the preview feature before publishing anything. Look through it if there are any major mistakes. Try to avoid more edits than necessary e.g. five different edits for five spelling mistakes.
  • Keep your coding clean. Not only should the text you can see on the page be organized the code behind it should be as well. Scroll down on this page to see an example.


  • If there is a troll on this wiki or just unwanted edits in general you are free to undo them if necessary. If an 'editwar" unfolds chances are an admin will notice them and put them to an end. Whatever you do, don't go insulting the troll / editor. If you want to do something for your conscience search for an admin on this page and notify them on their message wall.
  • Repeated violation of these rules will result in a temporary ban ("timeout"). If necessary the wikia staff will be informed who'll decide if further actions need to be taken.
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