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Chimes SP

"Fill your world with song."

Chimes are small spherical decorative items first introduced in the Wiggly Wonderland (2018) update, spawned when a Twinkle Slime performs its song and disappears. There are currently 12 different designs available in the game, and each produce a sound when the player or a slime comes into contact with it; successful contact with a chime is signified by the chime lighting up and wobbling.

Chimes behave much like Ornaments and Echoes, in that they float in place when shot from the Vacpack. Their texture moves to always face the camera.

Any chimes obtained will remain after their associated event is over, and can be kept.

Slimepedia Entry

Chimes are mysterious motes of energy that twinkle slimes produce. When an object passes through them, they emit a musical sound, allowing ranchers who have collected them to compose a kind of music in the air around them. The only known means of collecting chimes if through chance encounters with twinkle slimes, making them quite rare among the curiosities of the Far, Far Range.

On the Ranch:
Chimes can be used as decorations, and their musical quality can be used to create song-like compositions along walkways, or thrown into slime corrals for a more organic take on composing music.


Wiggly Wonderland (2018)

Main article: Wiggly Wonderland (2018)

Twelve chimes were introduced during the Wiggly Wonderland (2018) event, which ran from December 18th 2018 to December 30th 2018.

Wiggly Wonderland (2019)

Main article: Wiggly Wonderland (2019)

Chimes returned in the Wiggly Wonderland (2019) event, which ran again from December 18th 2019 to December 30th 2019. This update added the chime, Chime C^. This update also added the Chime Changer, a facility unlocked through bursting Twinkle Slimes which toggles chime instruments unlocked during the event. It is located near the Decorizer.


Below is the full list of chimes available in the game.
Chime In-game model
Chime C
Chime C#
Chime D
Chime D#
Chime E
Chime F
Chime F#
Chime G
Chime G#
Chime A
Chime A#
Chime B
Chime C^


  • 1.4.1 - Added Chime C^.
  • 1.3.2 - Implemented.


  • Each chime's sound and note corresponds to real-world piano keys. The chronological order of these chimes also use the sequential order of colors from the RGB spectrum.
  • Chimes are internally referred to as Echo Notes, while the Twinkle Slime is internally referred to as an Echo Note Gordo.
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