• Danceykitty

    Hello, in this blog post, I'll be talking about what I think should be in Slime Rancher. You may comment what you think about my ideas. The first thing I think should be in the game is weather, this leads to 2 of my other of my ideas, and 2 of Hachiseiko's ideas(atleast,the designs are his or hers, the rainbow slime,the snow slime, and the static slime, but I'll get to those later. Weather can be either helpful, or deadly, the weathers are rainy, thunderstorm, sunny(default), and snowy. Rainy days can make your crops grow faster, as if you bought the sprinkler upgrade. Thunder storms can do the same as rain, but you have a chance of getting struck by lightning, which instantly knocks you out, so you're best sleeping through the day when th…

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  • Danceykitty

    Hello, you should know my username by now, but call me Dancey for short. I would like to talk about a comic series I am working on, but not posting onlime because...Uh, actually, I don't know exactly why. But what I do know is that the comic's setting is at Slime Rancher, the game we all know and love. It is about a rancher (me) who met a gold slime, named Sparkles for some reason, and a crystal slime named...Crystal(sorry, I'm bad at naming things), both who are different from all the other slimes, 1. they can somehow talk(I won't tell you how because I don't want to spoil something I probably won't post anyway), and 2. they can't disappear, teleport or whatever. Some parts of the comic might be a little silly or funny, because why not. H…

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    Meteor Slimes and Mosaic Slimes are some of the most anticipated slimes in the game. Here I will make predictions about them and their largos.


    • Normally they look like brown slimes with red eyes and cracks that glow orange
    • When combined with pink slimes the glow turns pink and they turn pinker.
    • When combined with boom slimes they turn red and the glow turns yellow.
    • When combined with phosphor, rock, rad or tabby slimes they turn into a meteor version of that slime.
    • When combined with honey slimes they turn golden with a golden glow and gain honeycombs.
    • When combined with hunter slimes they gain a cat face.
    • See below for Mosaic.


    • Normally they look like glassy rainbow slimes.
    • When combined with pink slimes they turn pink.
    • When combined wit…

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  • EmeraldPlay

    I've got a bunch of info for you on Slime Rancher's developement before 0.2.0 came out.

    This blog post will try to cover everything from the game's concept stages to the release of 0.2.0.


    When devs were about to release 0.2.0, they posted this image on their blog.

    This prototype was a quick mashup of example assets, when Nick tried to check how the gameplay would work. Everything is simple, for example slimes are just colored balls and the vacpack is a pistol. The prototype image was made on April of 2014.

    On November 14th of 2014, a premise of the game has been made.

    Our first project, Slime Rancher, is a frantic, chaotic and very silly video game for PC, Mac and Linux. Slime Rancher is the tale of Beatrix LeBeau, a plucky, young rancher …

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  • Sivthememelord


    May 7, 2016 by Sivthememelord

    Ugh. Great. I got dragged into this whole 'wikipedia' thing.

    As you can see, I'm..Not one that many people/slimes talk about.

    I'll just explore the wiki. If you need me, I'll be over here.

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  • Dogyslime99

    Slime rancher

    May 5, 2016 by Dogyslime99

    I like the idea that you can travel the land collecting new slime sand combine them but tarrs are the ones I don't like sorry it's short I'm a freshman so some of my comments are going to be short.

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  • Eevee306

    so i am a fan of slime rancher, and being a slime, i have some ideas to make this place feel AWSOME!

    first an idea of a tarr gordo. this scary gordo would eather be feed slimes to get bigger, or you have to run into its mouth. he would exsplode into tarrs and have the tarr containment unit (TCU) that could suck up tarrs. 

    second idea is to make a largo containment unit (LCU) that could store largos. unfortanatly, in my game, i have alot of pink tabbies and i want to move some, but the only available sopt is far away, and i would have to take every single one and move them with that. so if there was an upgrade that could suck up largos, that would be awsome. but of corse you could only hold a limited amout, as they are larger than other thing…

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  • EmeraldPlay

    This Tarr wanted to eat this Boom Slime, but it instead hugs the slime. Boom Slime explodes, fends off away that Tarr resulting in that ravenous rainbow's death.

    Things like this always make me laugh!

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  • SplendidX

    Content, google, and whatnot.

    Thanks for everyone who contributed so far, this place has grown beyond what anyone here expected, I'd imagine, you might have noticed we're the first result on google now, which means as the game grows, the wiki will grow alongside it, and it already has, I made minor changes to adjust to this, nothing you will notice yourself, but it will definitely help.

    Regardless - have a great day, and thanks for helping out

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  • Unze2unze4


    April 20, 2016 by Unze2unze4

    I freaking love this wiki

    Its squishiness drew me in, and the game ensnared me.

    Now something else is keeping me near this wiki.

    Recently I saw my NPC pages got updated to include the new pictures. I also noticed that we kept the old pictures at the bottom. I then realized that only a small contingent of players would remember seeing the old pictures. Then I remembered that slime rancher is in super early access. This wiki will gain massive amounts of replaced content on top of new content.

    This was just the first major update.

    Old ranchers will remember what puddle slimes used to look like, and be nostalgic when looking at the old picture.

    Who knows how overwhelming this effect will be on people once the game is actually finished.

    Old relics of …

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  • InsertARandomNameHere

    On the steam post for the latest update, one of the things it said was whatdoyoumeansecretinthepixelspffftwhatareyoutalkingabout

    or something along the lines of that. Where is this secret? Which screen?

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  • Jimmy2004

    Dark Caves map contest

    April 16, 2016 by Jimmy2004

    So here is the dark caves map contest here you make your own map and after a week of this I'll choose which is the lucky slime winner!

    So far...


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  • HJ Sam Star Plays

    I want more corals and garden beds but NO ROOM so can we get more plots plz

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  • FireflyKitten

    Hello fellow Ranchers! So, I saw that the new update was out and I was super excited to go explore the Indigo Quarry and catch some Rad Slimes. I launched Slime Rancher, clicked the Load button on the menu, and... "No Saved Games" appears! I had 3 games, one where I had 26k coins, both expansions, all the vacpack upgrades, and a horde of cute slimes of all types! I reloaded the game, and still nothing! It also deleted my achievements too.

    WHERE THE HECK DID MY SAVED GAMES GO?! I don't want to start all over again!

    Has anybody else had this problem? I saw that some YouTubers still had their saved games from before the update, but mine were deleted! PLEASE HELP ME!

    If this has to do with anything, I am using a Macbook Pro. Thank you!

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  • FrostyLemonuu

    Slime Ideas

    April 13, 2016 by FrostyLemonuu

    "Don't let a creeper inside your house, or else it'll be destroyed."

    Diet: Everything.

    Fav: Boom Boom Bananas.


    From the world of Minecraft, a mysterious breed of slime resembling Creepers appear.

    They don't just look like creepers. They also explode like Creepers! 

    Better DON'T look to close to them, or else, you'll have a Bad Time.

    Rancher Risk:

    You can have only 9 Creeper Slimes in a corral, or else you'll have holes in it. It ain't easy to feed them, as they can explode, a explosion takes 10 hp.


    Unfortunatly (?) their Plorts are actually 50% gunpowder. But, they are also pretty good for bombs, making them pretty expensive. It's yet better if you mix a Creeper Slime with a Rad Slime. Then get ready for some radioactive st…

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  • Jimmy2004

    Dark caves idea

    April 13, 2016 by Jimmy2004

    So here is my idea for a area I just now made up it is called "The Dark Caves" By this we will know my idea means like a cave underground and there will be puddles and stuff with that dark effect and many more things will still be added...

    This is a zone

    There's a slime gate that has to be used on it.

    Found at the indigo quarry.

    After a couple of days on the ranch after unlocking the dark caves (around 7 days) a flashlight upgrade will be provided to make the dark caves easier then using a starter flash light.

    Entry:The cave that's under it all...

    The dark caves is known as "The Dark" after being drilled into they couldn't get the drill out and decided to abandon the expedition to how incredibly dark it was and it made a flashlight look shameful…

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  • Potato Cat1324

    The game Slime Rancher is very new, only coming out for official release on January 14, 2016, so there is easily a possibility for new items.

    The first thing that I, personally would love to see in the game is a new type of meat. So far, there are only the variations of hens that slimes that are strict carnivores can eat, so I think it would be a great idea to add to the game. For example, they could add some animals that live in the water, like a fish, or some that can fly, and would be more difficult to catch, like a small bird. I don't think they they will add very many, if any, large mammals to the game, as the slimes are normally depicted as cute, and having them eat, for example, a lion, could ruin that image. Imagine your cute little…

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    The Glass Desert

    April 3, 2016 by WITHERBOSS 963

    As you all know, the location of the glass desert is a much-debated topic. Where will it be? Most people think it will be at the end of the Feral Rock canyon. For a while I thought this too. However, I have realised some things about that area and the glass desert's references. There are two main things I have realised:

    1: The area at the end of Feral Rock Canyon has coral tubes.These tubes look just like the ones in the first area of the dry reef that only spawns pink slimes. This does not look markedly different, then. However, look at the pronounced differences between the dry reef, the moss blanket, and the indigo quarry. And indeed, in 0.4.0, there will be zone expansions to the existing zones.

    2: The smoke, fire and mirrors achievement …

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  • Ravenous Rainbow

    This is a blog.

    March 30, 2016 by Ravenous Rainbow






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  • Saturnheart


    March 20, 2016 by Saturnheart

    Hello! Do you like warriors?!?!

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  • MidnightAJO

    I'll be gone for a week in Conneticut so see you all on Saturday. Also, Monomi's latest blog post shows a new slime that isn't the raddie! It looks like the hunter slime silouette and is going to be in this update!

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  • Queen Bela


    March 17, 2016 by Queen Bela

    dont go for second best baby.

    iam 1


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  • MidnightAJO

    If you want to help please visit the page(Slime Ranch Acadmey)or leave me a message!

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  • Unze2unze4

    I created that page a while ago, but for some reason its being marked for deletion.

    Here is my case on the issue.

    Now, i personally think that once the big update where letters from home is implemented, there is going to be a bunch of people wanting to contribute, i think that if the beatrix page is not up, people might add their own pages, and since slime rancher is a popular game, chances are multiple people might add their own beatrix pages, which will result in a lot of work for the admins. I think that the beatrix page, thus, is a strategic advantage to the uproar that letters from home is going to insinuate.

    However, you may disagree for a few reasons

    You might disagree that slime rancher is a popular game. However, slime rancher does in…

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    Slime Ideas

    March 5, 2016 by WITHERBOSS 963

    Diamond slimes in the Quarry

    Sand slimes in the Desert

    Fish slimes in the Slime sea

    Plant slimes in the Moss Blanket

    Stone slimes in the Dry Reef

    Waddaya think?

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  • Pyxil Pig

    You... ...Monster! v2

    March 5, 2016 by Pyxil Pig

    I believe I am enitled to the 'You... ...Monster' achievement Mk.II.

    I have successfully taken the face off the Tabby Slime...

    Sorry guys. XD

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  • Pyxil Pig

    Steam Guide

    March 5, 2016 by Pyxil Pig

    I've made a guide on Steam. I believe you will find it very useful. It is currently a work in progress. I WILL finish it soon. Find me at -

    Enjoy.     -_^

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  • Queen Bela


    March 1, 2016 by Queen Bela

    slimes are cool. 

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  • DeathlessLamia

    Funny Bug

    February 12, 2016 by DeathlessLamia

    I found a really funny bug while playing the game! If you fly behind the Gordo Tabby and try to walk around it to escape it can happen that you'll get shoot into the sky! It is really helpful If you're attacked by Tarr's but you shouldn't try using your jetpack while you're in the air, because you'll fall so fast on the ground that you can't even say "Gordo". I hope my english isn't that bad XD Well then have fun with this bug :D

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  • Unze2unze4

    How to draw a slime

    February 9, 2016 by Unze2unze4

    Just draw the basic shape. No face or anything.

    Sounds easy, and is easy.

    Add anything else you need.

    Color that bad boy in! Also add some details, like a toungue in the mouth, and a glare in both the eyes and the slime.

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  • Unze2unze4

    The Art Of Tarrbusting

    February 8, 2016 by Unze2unze4

    Theres a lot of reasons to just hate The Tarr to death. Maybe you hate them because they massacre slimes and it feels unethical to not do anything. Maybe you hate The Tarr because it hates you. Maybe its just too dangerous to have around. Maybe you want those nice plorts or some new slimes to accompany your friends. Who knows?

    I call this attack the Tarr hook and for good reason; they snatch up any slime and consumes it from a reasonable completely redonkulous distance. Its perposterous.

    The simplest and second attack where The Tarr simply bites you, dealing 20 damage. The only attack they can use on you.

    They can be right next to that adorable tabby, they can be right next to the puddle slime in your boot that keeps you cool and is weird. They…

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  • Unze2unze4

    New infobox ideas

    February 5, 2016 by Unze2unze4

    For whatever reason, the infobox of fruits and veggies actually tell you whether or not they are agressive. Because carrots are going to kill us in our sleep. I think we need a few more infoboxes.

    How about one for fruits/veggies which would look like this:

    And one for plots

    And one specifically for the tabby slime

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  • Endersniper

    Largo slimes

    February 5, 2016 by Endersniper

    What do you think is the best largo? List you thoughts in the comment section.

    MY favorite is the boom/honey largo

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  • TheEvilPotatoLord

    Blog post

    February 2, 2016 by TheEvilPotatoLord

    Testing out this blog post thing. How are you people? I am The Evil Potato Lord and i mainly edit small things here on the slime rancher wikia. On rare occasions i may also make new pages.

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  • Slimeologist

    Warning this is NOT a blog article for humans!

    Hello Slimes that use the Internet! Congratulations on mastering human technology! You're doing very well to get this far. You also may have seen some very tasty foods we humans eat, but due to being Slimes, you probably get your native fruits/vegs/chickens vacpak'd at your face. Satisfying but not the apex of gourmet. Here is a quick guide to blending in with human society in order to get those foods you crave!

    Join together to accomplish your goals! A lone Slime will have trouble accomplishing tasks on their own, but two or more can get things done a lot quicker. This especially goes for disguises- the average human is 3-4 Pink Slimes tall, so you will need to work together to make a convincing…

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  • Ssarglley


    January 31, 2016 by Ssarglley

    It's much worse than I thought.... everything says posted Jan. 31 2016 now.... but when I click on them... it says when it was actually posted!

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  • Slimeologist

    On this blog post we're going to be talking about farming slimes and the ethicality of slime captivity as well as how we're selling our souls to Big Slorporations (Slime Corporations).

    We all love Slimes. We all love getting that cash dollar in order to dote on our slimes and ourselves. Yet is this truly a symbiotic relationship- Ranchers feeding Slimes in order to harvest their Plorts, which provides Ranchers an income to acquire material goods? Slimes are held captive, unable to roam as they please on their native homelands. All Ranchers produce extreme feats of labor (journeying to find favourite foods, fresh water, etc) in order to produce a small means of "independant" production.

    It is clear that Slimes have some form of sentience and …

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  • Ssarglley

    I went on at 11:44 pm on 1/29/16 and lots of posts say, "posted Janurary 30 2016" wtf is happenning?

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  • Ssarglley

    Lucky edit....?

    January 30, 2016 by Ssarglley

    Lucky edits are just... weird. It's on PURE LUCK and I got one for the 3000th edit.... wat

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  • Slimeologist

    Welcome to Faux Slimentology, which are the main focus of my blog posts; they're mostly Slime Rancher Theories and sometimes just... dumb stuff. I also specifically chose Slimentology just in case someone, somehow would mistake this for the in-game term "Slimeology." So without further ado:

    The short answer is: no. At least not the conventional way we see poop. To recap all elementary/primary school sciences, poop is a waste by-product of the body. Food goes in and once your body manages to get out all the nutrients and can store away, it goes through your digestion tract and is well, escorted out of your body. 

    The interesting thing about plorts is that they seem to contain some energy, genetic, or nutritional value upon digestion, which...…

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  • Slimeologist

    Top 5 Kissable Slimes

    January 29, 2016 by Slimeologist

    Just kidding all slimes should be kissed. Even Tarrs. They're just trying their best.... whatever that is.

    Source: I'm a slimeologist

    I'll.... have an actual blog post sometime here about some SLIME THEORIES 'n stuff.

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  • Chamsey


    January 28, 2016 by Chamsey

    I intend to make the pages not look like children write them.

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  • Weeb0r

    Hi guys

    January 28, 2016 by Weeb0r

    Hi guys iam new to this wikia and if you can help me msg me

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  • Thelivingarcade

    fan ideas

    January 25, 2016 by Thelivingarcade

    In my opinion we need a separate wiki purley for fan ideas for the game (except things that are just purposely stupid )

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  • The Plort Plorter


    January 21, 2016 by The Plort Plorter

    Slime Rancher is a great game but there are some problems I see. Why can't stony chickens stay in the caves?

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  • AmethystaB

    Doodles for Slime Wiki

    January 18, 2016 by AmethystaB

    I'll be adding various custom images to use on the wiki, but to make sure everyone likes what's been done, I'll post them here first, and keep an updated gallery of the images as they change or expand. 

    If you think of something that should be added, leave a reply and let me know! Now that the game is on Steam I'm sure it will continue to grow, and the wiki will too!

    I've got alot of images done, but I have to color-adjust them to match the offical art, and then fix the .PNGs for transparency (so they work with the new design when it's implemented). I've done this for the Slimes, now I need to do it for the Foods.


    Not-In-Yet - Slime Category

    The World - Main Page

    The Ranch - Main Page

    Food - Main Page

    Slimes - Main Page

    Achievements - Main Pa…

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  • Mr. Newton

    Navbox Error!

    January 15, 2016 by Mr. Newton

    So, I was just clicking the navbox to go to the Tabby slime page, and instead of going to the page, it goes to the Slimes page! I tried to go to another slime page using the navbox, and it had the same problem. If you try to go to a slime page while on the Slimes page, nothing happens. I noticed on the address bar, it was going to "Slimes#Tabby Slime" instead of "Tabby Slime" so I suspect that's the problem for all of them. I'd do it myself, but I don't know how. Please help!

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  • SplendidX

    Overnight Changes

    January 15, 2016 by SplendidX

    You may have noticed slight graphical changes.

    What's new: •A quick navigation hub on the Main Page •Slime Rancher Wikia logo replacing the usual plain text •Achievements and some graphical tweaks to the badges (WIP) •Background stretched correctly with less quality tear (I will still try and make it look better) •CSS updates (meaningless so far)

    If you spot anything that looks off, let me know and I'll tweak it.

    --SplendidX (talk) 10:45, January 15, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Zizzlha

    Editing the home page

    January 14, 2016 by Zizzlha

    Hey there, I think the Home page could use some more content to make it more pretty and also be a page that gives players a really quick way to access what they're looking for but also just browse to discover new things. I was looking at the top wikis on Wikia and some have really awesome home pages, and I think we should make ours just as eye-catching. I'd like to add links to the various content in the wiki, a section for the latest updates and news on the game, and possibly some other stuff.

    Would it be alright for me to make big changes like this? I would be perfectly fine following some kind of design scheme that anyone has in mind. Also, I don't know much about formatting, etc. but I want to learn, so if anyone has any specific help p…

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  • YEYslimes

    ty for reading this

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