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Agitation is one of the hidden values all slimes have which determines which standard facial expression slimes assume in relation to their agitation and hunger values, and is the primary trigger for how often their negative behaviors occur. Normally it begins to build when slimes reach 99% hunger, and takes roughly 12 in-game hours to reach 100% from 0% once that is reached. However some factors can modify its growth.

Slimes are set to Elated within The Slimeulation, and their agitation does not decay.

Facial expressions

Pink Slime SP.png
Pink Slime Happy.png
Pink Slime Hungry.png
Pink Slime Agitated.png
Elated Happy Hungry Agitated

Agitation modifiers

Agitation's growth rate is a dynamic value that constantly alters according to its value. it can be either positive, or negative. There are a number of modifiers which can affect the rate of agitation in various ways;


Pogo fruit.png

Feeding a slime is the only way to completely lower agitation permanently and restore it to a happy state. However, it can only eat when it is hungry. Feeding a slime its favorite food will reduce its agitation by 30%. Feeding it anything else, with the exception of tofu, will reduce agitation by 15%. These values are doubled on Largos. While a slime's hunger is below 99%, its agitation will also passively reduce at roughly 30% per in-game hour, if nothing else is increasing its growth rate. Naturally, while above 99% hunger, it's growth rate is 8.

Water and Ancient Water

Water icon.png

Water and Ancient Water can negate negative behaviors and reduces agitation by 10% for 20 seconds. This decrease does not stack and is temporary, but may be reapplied after the 20 seconds are up.

Music Box

Corral Music.png

The Music Box is an upgrade to the Corral which halves the rate of agitation growth. If agitation is passively decreasing, it instead doubles this decrease.

Slime Toys

Slime Toys.png

Slime Toys are purchasable items unlocked through the 7Zee Rewards Club which reduces the rate of agitation growth by 12.5%, or 25% if any toy in range is favored by the slimes. Additional Slime Toys do not stack their effects, but can stack with a Music Box. If agitation is passively decreasing, they instead increase the rate of recovery by 25% or 50% respectively.

Tangle Slime Pollen

Tangle Slime SP.png

Tangle Slimes produce a pollen aura which increases agitation growth by 8.33% per hour. Multiple pollen auras do not stack this effect. Other Tangle Slimes are immune to this effect.

Fire Slime Contact

Fire Slime SP.png

Fire Slimes on fire can severely agitate slimes on contact by 50% temporarily. Any agitation caused by Fire Slime contact will take up to three in-game hours to completely wear off. Unlike other agitation modifiers, music boxes and toys have no effect on this.
Other Fire Slimes are immune to this effect.


Feral Slime SP.png

When a Feral Slime is fed or affected by a Taming Bell, their agitation is reduced by 50%.

Negative behaviors

Certain slimes have negative behaviors which are performed much more frequently or made apparent once they reach a certain agitation state. Many of these behaviors can be suppressed for 20 seconds by splashing the slime with Water or Ancient Water. This includes:

  • Rock Slimes roll every 15 seconds at 0% agitation. Rolling frequency is increased at higher agitation, which is capped to every 3 seconds at 100% agitation.
  • Rad Slimes expand their aura every 180 seconds at 0% agitation. Expansion frequency is increased at higher agitation, which is capped to every 30 seconds at 100% agitation.
  • Boom Slimes explode every 45 seconds at 0% agitation. Explosion frequency is increased at higher agitation, which is capped to every 10 seconds at 100% agitation.
  • Crystal Slime crystal production occurs every 15 seconds at 0% agitation. Crystal production frequency is increased at higher agitation, which is capped to every 3 seconds at 100% agitation.
  • Hunter Slime Largos can go feral at 99.99% agitation.
  • Quantum Slimes produce ghosts, or qubits, every 20 seconds at 0% agitation. Qubit production is increased at higher agitation, which is capped to every 5 seconds at 100% agitation. They begin swapping places with their qubits at 20% agitation.
  • Mosaic Slimes produce glints every 30 seconds at 0% agitation. Glint production frequency is increased at higher agitation, which is capped to every 6 seconds at 100% agitation. The range of production is increased at 95%.
  • Dervish Slimes will produce large tornados at 95% agitation.
  • Tangle Slimes produce pollen which causes nearby slimes to sneeze, agitating them. They begin doing this at 75% agitation.



Fire Slimes can still temporarily agitate slimes within the Slimeulation.

  • Gold Slimes and Lucky Slimes are susceptable to hunger and agitation like any other slime. However, Lucky Slimes do not react to becoming agitated or starving. Due to their rarity and despawning mechanics, this does not normally come into play under normal circumstances.
  • Tarr are also subjected to agitation, although are set to 100% every frame.
  • Puddle Slimes can not naturally get above 0% Agitation without the use of fire slimes or tangle pollen. They would evaporate before this happened.
  • Although slime agitation is at a set level within The Slimeulation to always be Elated, Fire Slimes are still capable of temporarily agitating them. However this does not occur under normal circumstances since Fire Slimes cannot be found there.
  • Due to the natural recovery of agitation and the temporary agitation of fire slimes, it takes 3 contacts with a fire slime to reach 99% agitation, instead of the 2 that would be implied by a 50% boost each contact.
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