There are 57 achievements currently available in the game. A list of achievements can be reached by pressing ESC (select on Xbox and selecting the "Achievements" tab). All achievements are colored bronze, silver, or gold depending on their assigned level of difficulty. Currently, achievements do not affect gameplay.

Achievement Criteria
Bronze Achievement
Plort Peddler
Sell 100 Plorts at the Plort Market
Bronze Achievement
Sell 500 Plorts at the Plort Market
Silver Achievement
Plort Authority
Sell 1000 Plorts at the Plort Market
Silver Achievement
Plort Powerhouse
Sell 2500 Plorts at the Plort Market
Gold Achivement
Plort Tycoon
Sell 5000 Plorts at the Plort Market
Bronze Achievement
Buck Buck Bagu-
Feed 100 chickens to Slimes on your ranch
Bronze Achievement
Fruit Cocktail
Have 3 different fruit trees on your ranch at the same time
Bronze Achievement
Salad Bar
Have 3 different veggie gardens on your ranch at the same time
Bronze Achievement
Earn over 5,000 newbucks
Silver Achievement
Well-Off Rancher
Earn over 25,000 newbucks
Gold Achivement
Upper Crust
Earn over 100,000 newbucks
Gold Achivement
A Quick Newbuck
Earn 5,000 newbucks in a single day
Bronze Achievement
Up All Night
Stay awake from 6 AM to 6 AM the next day
Bronze Achievement
Not My Morning
Be knocked out before 10 AM
Bronze Achievement
While You Were Away
Return to the ranch after more than 24 hours
Bronze Achievement
Feed Pink Slimes on your ranch 10 different types of Food
Bronze Achievement
Shoot food into an airborne Slime's mouth
Silver Achievement
Mine, All Mine
Discover the Indigo Quarry
Silver Achievement
On The Other Side
Discover The Moss Blanket
Gold Achivement
Smoke, Fire, and Mirrors
Discover the Glass Desert ( made possible in 0.6.0 but created before then )
Silver Achievement
Jelly Belly Burst
Burst a Gordo Slime
Silver Achievement
Open Says Me
Open a Slime Gate
Bronze Achievement
Incinerate an Elder Chicken
Bronze Achievement
Feed 50 Slimes on your ranch their favorite food
Bronze Achievement
Burstin' at the Seams
Have at least 50 of one material in each slot of a completely upgraded Silo
Silver Achievement
Fully Loaded
Have a maximally upgraded Corral, Coop, and Silo on your ranch
Silver Achievement
Hasty Exchange
Fulfill a Range Exchange request before 2 PM1
Silver Achievement
Free Rangin'
Collect 50 Plorts on the Range in a single day
Gold Achivement
Hat Trick
Obtain at least 3 gold plorts from a single Gold Slime
Silver Achievement
That Only Works in Comic Books
Stand inside a rad aura for at least 15 seconds
Gold Achivement
Once Bitten, Twice...Bitten
Hold onto a Tarr for 15 seconds
Bronze Achievement
Let a Tabby Slime headbutt you right on the nose
Silver Achievement
Shoot a boom slime Largo into the air that explodes before landing
Silver Achievement
Controlling the Chaos
Constrain more than 15 Slimes in your vac stream at once while on the range
Silver Achievement
Six Pack
Have at least 6 different types of Slimes in the same Corral
Silver Achievement
Risky Business
Have at least 3 different types of Largos in the same Corral
Silver Achievement
Pool Party
Fill a pond on your ranch with at least 5 different types of Slimes
Gold Achivement
Have at least 10 types of Largos on the Ranch in the same area
Silver Achievement
Ball Pit
Jump into a Slime Corral containing at least 40 Slimes
Bronze Achievement
You... Monster!
Send an adorable chick to a fiery end, the same place you're now destined to go
Bronze Achievement
Rush Challenger
Reach at least 10,000 newbucks at the end of rush mode
Silver Achievement
Rush Champion
Reach at least 35,000 newbucks at the end of rush mode
Gold Achivement
Rush Plortmaster
Reach at least 75,000 newbucks at the end of rush mode
Silver Achievement
Into the Past
Discover the Ancient Ruins
Bronze Achievement
Onward... to SCIENCE!
Fabricate your first Slime Science gadget
Silver Achievement
Bea the Builder
Fabricate 35 Slime Science gadgets
Gold Achivement
Never Stop Creating
Farbricate 100 Slime Science gadgets
Bronze Achievement
Best of the Worst
Place a tarr on the #1 Slime Stage
Gold Achivement
She's on Fire!
Score 50 points in a single game of slimeball
Bronze Achievement
One Person at a Time
Join the 7Zee Rewards Club
Bronze Achievement
Color Me Impressed
Use chroma packs to change the color of the ranch house, tech, and vacpack
Silver Achievement
Mint in Box
Purchase at least 10 different types of slime toys
Silver Achievement
The Hunter Has Become... The Other Thing
Snare a Hunter Gordo
Silver Achievement
Start bringing life to The Glass Desert
Gold Achivement
Pro Style

Complete the Slimepedia

Gold Achivement
 Doors Like These
Discover where Hobson's  journey ended, and started once again.
Gold Achivement
 The Adventure Continues!
Complete Adventure Mode and set out for what's next.

1. This achievement can not be obtained prior to 6 am on any given day.
2. Slimes constrained in the vac stream on the Ranch or any of its expansions don't count for this achievement


  • All of the Achievements that have a total bar (such as Risky Business or Pool Party) are additive and do not need to be done all at once. It will keep track of each item as it occurs. So dangerous achievements such as "Risky Business" that require several slime types to be in the same Corral do not need to be done all at once, so you can safely switch out largos or slimes without worrying about accidentally creating The Tarr. It is unknown at this time if this is intentional or a bug.
  • Achievements are NOT exclusive to a save; instead they are connected to the game itself. This means that, once an Achievement is obtained in one save file, it is completed for all save files even if the save file gets bugged or corrupt. Note: you can delete your achievements.


  • 1.4.2 - Fixed a bug related to the “Boop” achievement.
  • 1.3.2 - Special event slimes (ie: Party Gordo) are now hidden until discovered and are no longer required in order to complete the “Pro Style” achievement.
  • 1.3.1 - Fixed a bug where certain other slime types were counting towards the Omnivorous achievement.
  • 1.2.1 - Unlinked Steam achievements from in-game achievements to better support the case of multiple people sharing a machine and playing the game on two different Steam accounts.
    • Resetting in-game achievements will no longer reset Steam achievements.
    • In-game achievements will no longer sync when starting a new game on Steam.
    • If you earn an achievement while having only one type unlocked (in-game vs Steam), you will now see the pop-up for the missing achievement.
    • Non-Rush Mode achievements will no longer be awarded while in Rush Mode.
    • Updated silo achievement so you won’t need to completely fill the new silos.
  • 1.2.0- 5-Day Rush achievements have been adjusted to better suit Rush Mode.
  • 1.1.1 - Fixed bug where the Hat Trick achievement could be improperly withheld.
  • 1.1.0 - Casual mode is introduced. Because of the lack of tarr, tarr-related achievements are not achievable.
    • Fixed bug where the hat trick achievement was not awarded when gilded ginger was eaten by a gold slime.
  • 1.0.0 - Added two new achievements.
  • 0.6.0 - New achievements have been added.
    • Fixed bug where some achievements could re-announce their awarding on game reload.
  • 0.5.1 - A few new achievements added from 7Zee Rewards Club stuff.
  • 0.5.0 - New achievements have been added.
  • 0.3.4 - Achievements that you've already earned within Slime Rancher will automatically be awarded to you within Steam after the update.
  • 0.2.5 - Fixed bug with Ball Pit & Six Pack achievements awarding too early.



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