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"Style. Sophistication. Other
good things. 7Zee."

The 7Zee Rewards Club is an optional program run by the 7Zee Corporation that rewards highly successful ranchers with unique rewards in exchange for newbucks. Starting at noon on day 7, a starmail will be received from the 7Zee Corporation introducing the rewards club. The starmail must be opened in order to participate.

Each tier of the rewards club costs increasingly larger amounts of newbucks to unlock but comes with a unique reward. These rewards are generally prestigious, signifying your success in the world of slime ranching, including visual upgrades for your ranch, color customization features, slime toys, and more. The highest tier rewards will cost enormous sums of newbucks to acquire.


The 7Zee Rewards Club is an optional program that allows you to purchase prestigious rewards for large sums of newbucks. Each rank brings unique rewards and a new rank title.

Some ranchers point out that the whole thing seems like a way of siphoning enormous sums of newbucks in exchange for fancy colors and trophies that don't actually serve any real purpose. But those ranchers aren't sporting the latest, most fashionable vacpack colors and obviously cannot be trusted.

Ranks and Rewards

Below is a list of all of the available rewards and the cost for each. Which rank a player has can be seen on the top left of the screen, underneath the time of day.

Title Cost
Ranch Chroma Blueprint Vacpack
1 Initiate 750Newbucks The Ranch
Roostro Weathervane
2 Pioneer I 1,000Newbucks
The Ranch
Fence Upgrade
3 Pioneer II 1,500Newbucks
The Ranch
Path Upgrade
4 Pioneer III 2,000Newbucks
The Ranch
Porch Upgrade
5 Skylark I 2,500Newbucks
Chroma Packs
Chroma Station
Classic Chroma PackCobalt Chroma PackMilkshake Chroma Pack
Classic, Cobalt, and Milkshake Chroma Packs
6 Skylark II 3,000Newbucks
The Ranch
Arch Upgrade
7 Skylark III 3,500Newbucks
Firecracker Chroma PackGrapeshot Chroma Pack
Firecracker and Grapeshot Chroma Packs
8 Rolling
Beetle I
Slime Toys
Slime Toys Shop
9 Rolling
Beetle II
Robo Ranger Chroma PackMaidatron Chroma Pack
Robo Ranger and Maidatron Chroma Packs
10 Rolling
Beetle III
Slime Toys
Advanced Slime Toys
11 Playful
Fox I
Gingersnap Chroma PackPeapod Chroma Pack
Gingersnap and Peapod Chroma Packs
Market Link
12 Playful
Fox II
The Grotto
Grotto Upgrade
13 Playful
Vanguard Chroma PackWillow Chroma Pack
Vanguard and Willow Chroma Packs
14 Silver
Storm I
The Ranch
Slime Trophy I
15 Silver
Storm II
Daybreak Chroma PackEventide Chroma Pack
Daybreak and Eventide Chroma Packs
16 Silver
Storm III
The Overgrowth
Overgrowth Upgrade
17 Dancing
Mongoose I
Salamander Chroma PackRoyalton Chroma Pack
Salamander and Royalton Chroma Packs
18 Dancing
Mongoose II
The Ranch
Slime Trophy II
19 Dancing
Mongoose III
Neopolitan Chroma PackMint Chip Chroma Pack
Neopolitan and Mint Chip Chroma Packs
Ultra Dash Boots
20 Endless
Mountain I
Master Gordo Snare
Tank Booster Ultra
21 Endless
Mountain II
Ghost Wine Chroma PackVolcanic Chroma Pack
Ghost Wine and Volcanic Chroma Pack
Heart Module Ultra
22 Endless
Mountain III
The Lab
Lab Upgrade
Golden Sureshot
23 Wander
Wolf I
Knight Light Chroma PackPretty Loud Chroma Pack
Knight Light and Pretty Loud Chroma Packs
OmegaDrill SP
Titan Drill
24 Wander
Wolf II
The Ranch
Slime Trophy III
OmegaPump SP
Abyssal Pump
25 Wander
Wolf III
Silverfox Chroma PackFrozen Violet Chroma Pack
Silverfox and Frozen Violet Chroma Packs
OmegaApiary SP
Royal Apiary
26 Golden
Owl I
The Docks
Docks Upgrade
Gold Slime Lamp
27 Golden
Owl II
Astro Pearl Chroma PackGoldleaf Chroma Pack
Astro Pearl and Goldleaf Chroma Packs
Gold Warp Depot
28 Golden
The Ranch
Slime Trophy IV
Gold Teleporter


Starmail Requirements
Starmail7ZeeRewardsClubWelcome Day 7 at noon.
Starmail7ZeeChromaPacks Received when unlocking the first batch of Chroma Packs at Rank 5 7Zee.
Starmail7ZeeSlimeToys Received when unlocking the basic Slime Toys at Rank 8 7Zee.
Starmail7ZeeRank28 Received when reaching Rank 28 of the 7Zee Rewards Club.


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  • 1.4.2 - Added auto-save checkpoints after: a Slime Gate is opened, a Ranch Expansion is purchased, and a 7Zee Rewards Club level is purchased.
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