The Mercury Slimes can be found in Mochi Miles's Mansion;

These slimes cannot be locked in a corral, feed or plant / give their favorite food (Electricity)

These slimes have the ability to slide very fast, which makes it difficult for the rancher to be able to throw electricity to get their plort. Also, their plorts are very valuable (Even for Mochi), since Mochi will give you the following rewards:

First Reward: "Mochi's Improvement"

- This reward will give you twice as many plorts when you launch them into the plorts market; but unfortunately, it will not always work ... since Mochi is not very generous and will give you twice as many plorts, but not all the time...

Second Reward: "Coop Improvement"

- This improvement will make your hen hens, roostros and other types of hen hen grown twice as fast and also take out old chickens and old roostros.

Third and last Reward: "The Mochi Miles Mansion"

- In this reward, Mochi will give you her entire ranch and her mansion, in the ranch you can build corrals , coops, gardens, etc ...

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